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Unit Plan Template - BUnit title: Media Arts Teaching Unit PlanTopic: The Art of RhetoricPersuasionYear level:Duration of unit:Subject(s):Intended outcomes:The students of the media arts school will be benefitted. This course will help increative thinking. From this article they can learn about being responsible and well-informed media literatecitizens.Cross-Curriculum Priorities:The media arts course must be made inaccordance to Australia norms andadhere to Australia culture. The studentswill be benefitted. The students will shareknowledge and this process will helpthem to gain knowledge on media artselements and this can also aid in creativethinking.General Capabilities:The media arts school must actresponsibly and then they mustfollow the Australia policyCatering for diverse learners:The students must be given the besttraining sessions and must be given thefreedom and opportunity so that they canexpress their creative skills and talents.However, both the school and thestudents will have to follow the Australianorms and the policiesBig ideas and essential questionsBig ideas:The students who are enthusiastic andpassionate and have love for media arts will belearn media arts concepts and can enhance theircareer optionsEssential Questions:How the lecturers shouldimpart knowledge so that the students can learnmore?What are the extra efforts the students must put it into get an entry level job on media arts and canharness their career?Student expectationsStudents should know...The students will have the desired skills andexpertise on media arts. They will learn to becomeresponsible in the course of time and they willbecome well-informed literate citizens.Students should be able to...The students can get an entry level job aftercompleting the course. They will showcase theirskills and talents and will enhance their careeropportunitiesAssessmentPre-assessment task(s) description:The students have no prerequisite knowledge. They will take up the course and willlearn about all the media arts concepts. They will gain the thinking skills, self-management skills and the research-skills by takingup this course.Formative assessment:Summative assessment:ResourcesLesson plan template developed by the Tasmanian Art Teachers Association 2017
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