(PDF) Media censorship: Freedom versus responsibility

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Media CensorshipName of the Student: Madan Raj UpretiName of the University: Victoria
Censorship is the concealment of discourse, open correspondence, or other data, on the premisethat such material is viewed as shocking, destructive, delicate, and politically wrong or "badlydesigned" as dictated by government experts or by group accord.It can be seenthat in thecurrent situation, censorship is connected with Internet radio, Television, books, newspaper andstill it is controversy for the professionals(Fedorov and Levitskaya 2015). Thisessay will befocusing the comparison between the censorship of television between UK and USAi.e.UnitedKingdom and United States of America. The first idea of the topic is to elucidate the regulationson censorship with the example of a recent issue on television that has spread controversy overpolicies of censorship. The second idea is to understand the different perceptions of censorshipregulations in both the countries. Lastly, the third idea is to understand the extent of set of lawsthat is compulsory in the country.Different countries view the television content as objectionable in nature wherein it is based onmoral, political and religious criterion. The entire procedure of preventing the unsuitable contentfrom reaching the different audiences is known as the censorship. However, jamming thedifferent material that is not accepted in nature is known as violation of the freedom ofappearance and expression of the different individuals.ComparisonBoth United States and United Kingdom deals with different kind ofcomplaintsfrom viewers oftelevision on a day-by-day basis. However, the spectators of United Kingdom complain there islack of censorship and in United States, viewers feel that there is huge rate of censorship. Therewere different organizations such as Media Watch-United Kingdom had been established as thishelped in applying pressure on regulating the functioning of bodies like BBC and NBC.
Realclearpolitics.com, (2018) has published an article wherein it helped in understanding thatconservatives wanted to ban the magazine named Playboy as there were different violent lyricsalong with offensive depictions of Jesus and this led to different kind of fights such as bans. Thearticle has helped in analyzing that the topics has to be analyzed in a proper manner that shouldnot hurt the sentiments of Americans.On the other side, the United States has different companies such as NCAC that helps in arguingthe set of regulations set on American television are severe in nature. It states that United Statesdo not permit liberty to implement the different kind of rights that was guaranteed in the firstalteration.Furthermore, it was seen in the respective article, there were different banning ofbooks in high schools that contained different matters of sexuality. There were more than 49books as these created issues in the study and mental health of the children in USA (Barnett,2018).that banned different kind of books in USA wherein It has been seen that censorship iscentral issue in television and it is impossible for the different countries to understand thedifferent methods to deal with the inappropriate materials and how to deal with satisfyingmajority of the viewers(Graber and Dunaway 2017).In the United States of America, the different obscene, profane and indecent in nature broadcastsare taken in a serious manner. It was also seen that based on the severity of the context, it can bepunishable under the law.In this section, the main idea is to understand the different severitiesrelating to not following the censorship guidelines in different countries.As per the NBC, thedifferent enforcement related actions by the way of revoking channels, monetary fines andwarnings could be issued when there is complaint and there is confirmation of violation as well.The NCAC helps in believing that functional and healthy democracy has been defined, as the
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