Objectives Of The Industrial Training

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Media MarketingUC2F1805MDMStudent Name(s): Adam bin Ghazali TP035847Sheikh Mohamad Yusree bin Sheikh Abas TP045929Hand Out Date: 4th March 2019Hand in Date: 26th May 2019Supervisors Name: En. Muhammad Hasni B. Abdul AzizEn. Ahmad Saferi Bin Saari
1.0Introduction2.0 Objectives Of The Industrial Training.3.0Objectives Of The Report4.0Importance Of Industrial Training To Students5.0Background Of The OrganisationMissionVision6.0Objectives Of Organisation7.0Organisational Structure8.0International Corporation Sector9.0Task/ Activity Planning and Responsibilities.Proposal on Social Media StrategyContact reportEnquiring with Sponsors10.0Conclusion11.0Feedback12.0Recommendation
1.0IntroductionStudents of Asia Pacific University are required to complete a semester of Industrialtraining as a part of the fulfilment for a degree certificate. The training requires a student toundergo at least three months worth of training and students are free to choose between agovernment and non-government and establishment. On 4th of March 2019, I started myindustrial training at National Sports Council. This organisation is a government organisationand it is located at Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. The training will end on 26th of May 2019.
2.0 Objectives Of The Industrial Training.Industrial training is a good way to train students like myself to experience a new lifestyle and new knowledge. It gives us an insight of what working environment is and exposedas to the working culture. Additionally it helps us improve our soft skills such as conditionskills, critical thinking and teamwork between groups of people. This type of skills are nottype in the lecture classroom, therefore it is very crucial for a university student to go throughit. The importance of punctuality, discipline, commitment, patients and perseverance arevalues we must have. Completing certain tasks and meeting deadlines, as well as feeling thelogbook everyday will somehow this appears more in the future.

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