Media Release and Lead Paragraph Study

Added on - Nov 2019

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Running head: MEDIA RELEASEName of the Student:Name of the University:Author’s Note:
1MEDIA RELEASE1. RESEACH GUIDELINES-The lead paragraph of the media release is the most important andshould be able to engage the journalist.A catchy headline is used.The paragraphs are shorter after the lead paragraph, short sentences are used.No grammatical errors should be there(Media release, 2017)2 ) Media Release- Brisbane and the Sunshine CoastResidential complex by Boutique Build Australia at affordable pricing –Now in Brisbane andSunshine CoastBoutique Australia plans to extend its operational activities in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast. Weplan to develop environmental friendly residential complex for our customers and provide themquality homes at affordable pricing. We promise to deliver great services to customers bybuilding quality homes for them, we ensure that our residential complex will be a holistic placefor comfort living with all modern amenities available within the complexes.Clients can pre-book residential complexes with us by availing loan facilities. Ourhousing complex will have restaurants, markets, in-built gym, swimming pools and all modernamenities for a comfortable living at affordable prices. While building our homes, we ensure thatour homes are environmental friendly and addressed issues related to sustainabilityDATE:CONTACT DETAILS:
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