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Impact of Smartphones on society PDF

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Added on  2021-09-17

Impact of Smartphones on society PDF

   Added on 2021-09-17

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Impact of
on society
Impact of Smartphones on society PDF_1
Impact of smartphones on modern society
The smartphone is an advanced technology in the field of information and
communication technology that provides a platform to share data from one person to
another. In the last few years, the use of smartphones is growing very fast and most
people use this technology for gaming and communication purpose (Bian, & Leung,
2015). This type of technology can affect the society and nature of an individual and it is
observed that around 70% people in a worldwide use smartphone in which the rate of
adults and children are very high because they use this technology only for
entertainment purpose. The main purpose of this essay is to describe the concept of a
smartphone with their history and the impact of this technology on modern society. this
technology not only allows us to transfer data or information with other but also keep
private data secure and most of organization use this process to communicate with
their clients. This essay is explaining the history of smartphones Discourses and
ideologies, existing media of smartphones, and then the impact of smart mobiles on
The term smartphones refer as mobile computing devices which are developed
for the communication purpose. The first smartphone was produced by the IBM
unveiled in the year 1992 and it was available for the customers in the year 1994. Steve
jobs were launched the first iPhone in the year 2007 and the cost of this phone is
around $499 and produced in two variants such as 4GB and 8GB (Broadbent, &
Papadopoulos, 2013). The Simon private communication system was the first device
which is used to send and receive the data from one location to another but the main
drawback of this was that it could not be used for the long-distance communication.
In the year 1996 Nokia developed their first mobile phone that time only a few
individuals have used this technology due to high cost but in from 2010 to 2018 the use
of smart mobile has increased because it provides a platform where users can send
money or any emergency message to their friends. During the development of
smartphones, there are many IT companies and software development organization has
been included to improve the efficiency of mobile phones. Today the information and
communication technology developed many technologies by which users can reduce
Impact of Smartphones on society PDF_2
their efforts like they provided online payment and E-bill services in their smartphones
(Caird, Willness, Steel, & Scialfa, 2008).
The main idea associated with the smartphone technology is communication and
users can transfer any kind of information from one location to another without using
any connecting wires. With the help of this technology people can control and monitor
the other computer networking like online booking, shopping and they can easily find
the location of other by using Google Map (Casilli, 2016). This technology can be used
for the resisting perceived domination and it is estimated that in the year 2020 the rate
of smart mobiles will be increased by 95%. Smartphone technology is very popular in
this modern generation and it allows the communication system for consumers.
Individuals and adults enjoy and take benefit of smartphones by playing games,
watching movies and sharing files with friends (Castells, & Arsenault, 2009).
There are many advantages of this technology, for example, better
communication services, provide learning options to consumers, changed the way of
communication and people can save their private details. It is very simple to understand
and access other mobile applications and with the help of this technology employees
can learn new things and they can grow their knowledge in any field.
The smartphones play an important role in the sector of business and it provides
new dimensions for any kind of business. It is not only the smart mobile vendor
enjoying business but it has the ability to produce a new domain for app development
organizations. This type of technology also helps in the education sectors and enhances
the quality of teaching and education. It is identified that around 60% of students learn
and read any topic or subject from YouTube and Google with the help of smartphones
(Cho, 2015). They also access their accounts and give practise test by mobile phone
from any location. The use of internet connectives are growing very fast because most
of the people connect with their friends and family member with the help of mobile
phones and today information technology developed modern smartphones by which
people can learn anything from their home (Samaha, & Hawi, 2016).
According to a recent survey almost 10 million consumers in the United State use
smart mobiles to find information about their health and contact with doctors and
Impact of Smartphones on society PDF_3

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