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Mediating ceasefire1A ceasefire is an agreement to a temporary stoppage of a war that provides the termination ofhostilities between parties engaged in arm conflict. It can be an informal understanding betweenopposing force, or a formal legal treatycontributes to permanent peace as well. Peace treaties arethe final stoppage after successful ceasefires by armistices. Restoration of trust between theparties is the first step of a ceasefire.There are some core elements of ceasefire from a comparative analysis of ceasefires. Theseelements include 1) A termination of conflicts, 2) forces get separated, 3) the supervision,verification & monitoring. This agreement prevents the conflicts to happen again by military ornon-military acts it can be prevented by firing on another party or propaganda. A process inwhich parties will withdraw from contact and position themselves to put away from conflicts isknown as the separation of forces. Proper implementation of the agreement ensures bymonitoring, supervision, and verification of agreement. There are the different agreement ofceasefire some of them are aiming to establish a framework for the peace process while othersare simply for the immediate end of hostilities. An effective ceasefire has some key elements as.First, it planned to established strategies politically as well as geographically that prevent theparties from coming in contact aggressively. Secondly, assigning rights and obligation to partiesto sorted out their bases of conflicts, makes communication possible and definite to remove theuncertainty and to share the necessary information between the parties. Third, there is a formallegal obligation, and effective ceasefire makes assured parties must follow it. Lastly, agreementconsists legal and financial obligation on violating the agreement to significantly increase thelegitimacy for engagement of the international community.Mediation ceasefire has done by regional originations to solve the disputes among member'scountries. Within their own membership, they also have collective security institutions.
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