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Medical Assignment - Stretching Exercise

Added on - 15 Mar 2020

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2MEDICALA systematic literature review of stretching exercise for the short-term treatment ofplantar heel painPlantar heel pain is a foot injury commonly suffered by individuals that requiretreatment by healthcare professionals. Such form of pain is associated with the plantar fascia.Reduced strength of the plantar flexors and reduction in muscle volume in the forefoot are thecontributors of the plantar fascia (DiPreta et al., 2014). Different treatment strategies haveemerged in the recent past that aim to address this patient condition, among which stretchingexercises have gained immense popularity. Stretching of the plantar fascia and triceps suraemuscle is regarded in the conservative treatment of plantar heel pain (Rosenbaum et al.,2014). The present systematic literature review is carried out for highlighting the usefulnessof stretching exercise when applied as a short-term treatment for plantar heel pain.Radford et al., (2007) carried out a randomised controlled trial to assess the efficiencyof calf muscle stretching as a treatment option for plantar heel pain on a short-term basis. Therationale for the study was that the effectiveness of the treatment option had not beenvalidated till that time. Ninety-two participants were allocated in a random manner to eitheran intervention group or control group. They were subjected to the intervention thatcomprised of calf muscle stretches and sham ultrasound. The process lasted for two weeks.Primary outcome measures were 'first-step' pain (and the Foot Health Status Questionnairedomains of foot function, foot pain, and general foot health. There was an improvement inboth the treatment groups over time. However, the differences in improvement betweengroups for any of the measured outcomes were not statistically significant. In addition, asection of participants from the intervention group experienced adverse events. It was therebyconcluded that plantar heel pain might not be treated on a short-term basis through stretchingexercises. The study, however, has some limitations. Firstly, the trail considered only one
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