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Report on Medication Management in Australian Hospitals

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Added on  2020-05-08

Report on Medication Management in Australian Hospitals

   Added on 2020-05-08

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Running head: MEDICATION MANAGEMENTNursingName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
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MEDICATION MANAGEMENT1A graduated nurse like me face several challenges when we make a transition from auniversity student to a clinical practitioner. Among all the challenges that a nurse faces,medication management is the vital and the most important area where a nurse needs to developto deliver quality clinical care and medication management effectively (Sulosaari et al. 2012).Medication management is a methodological management of medicines that patients take and itis the duty and responsibility of the nurse to look whether the patients is complying with theprescribed medication. The medication is especially important for the patients that take multiplemedicines for the treatment of chronic illness and different diseases. Accordingly, effectivemanagement of medicines, and monitoring the patients are the several challenges that a newlygraduated nurse faces. Although the role of the newly graduated nurses is clearly depicted, oftendue to mistakes and errors on the part of the novice nurses causes more complication comparedto the experienced registered nurses. The lack of experiences of the novice nurses, stress, theissues of unacceptability when assigned to a new team and the inability to communicateeffectively with the other staffs and nurses are identified as the vital reasons for errors in thenewly graduated nurses. During the transition of the newly graduated nurses to the role ofpractitioner, the medication related errors occurs the most in the Australian Hospitals which hasserious health implication on to the patients (Weidman 2013).I as a newly graduated nurse have selected medication management as the focal point forthe essay because, I have determined the problems related to medication management as vitalissue for newly graduated nurses through my practical and theoretical experiences. There areseveral areas where I have difficulties which include the medicine delivery and handling,storage, proper administration of drugs, proper recognition and intervention of the side effects,adverse events related to improper medication and complications. Upon reflection, I found that
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MEDICATION MANAGEMENT2the problems that I am experiencing is vital for me because my understanding and practicing gapcan lead to serious health implications (Cherry and Jacob 2016). Although I have propertheoretical knowledge, the lack of practical exposure is leading to several errors duringpracticing. The environment provided in the classroom environment do not match with theenvironment during the practicing because, during practicing there is an added effect of the rush,stress and work load. These factors negate and nullify the knowledge gained during the training.I especially being a novice and newly graduated nurse face difficulties in intravenous (IV)medication because I lack the lack the confidence in formulating the right dosage. Becauseformulating the right dosage depends on patient’s several physical parameters(, 2017).According to Hofler and Thomas (2017), other than the challenges in the medicationmanagement, there are other challenges ranging from the increasing number of patients whichleads to increased complexities and work load, the less number of experienced coaches andmentors, workforce having staffs of different age group, anxiety related issues, and bullying. Theworst part is that these issues often occur simultaneously. It is a known fact that during transitionfrom graduate nurse to practitioner, nurses feel stressed and fatigued. For a nurse, she has tomanage different kinds of patients, manage proper relationships with the family members of thepatients and provide guidance to the inter-professional team. Often the novice nurse had to dealwith the complex patients which make the novice nurses like me exhausted and overwhelmed,thus we suffer from anxiety resulting into attrition (Washington 2012). Proper addressing offatigue is important because role ambiguity related issues contribute to a large extent to burnoutamong the novice nurses. studies have revealed that when professional nurses find the reason fortheir burnout, they often get detached from the team in their workplace, which causes more
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