Assignment On Effectiveness Of Organization

Added on - Sep 2019

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Meeting evaluationThe effectiveness of successful organization have been determine by the successful meetingbetween member and officers of organization. The effective meeting provide platform todiscussion for the issues and probable source to eliminate those problems. Also meeting allowofficer to execute responsibility and progress report of project.After completing successful meeting, it is require to evaluate effectively, it is evaluation of howfellow officer take responsibly of particular task and amount of involvement for the project oforganization. We also assume that they are participate in meeting and provide some opinion. Todevelop meeting, the manager have to open for suggestion and criticisms. Also allow to executethe officer feeling and perception for project. The effective meeting does not need to defendproblem of officer but it is more important to express your points and views for project. Alsoallow participant to express their views.After discussion and collect the different opinions from participant or officers, it is require tosummarise the view point of meeting and evaluation about how the meeting went. There arevarious thought like, is meeting improve from past experience? Is meeting gone smoothly? Didparticipate or officers stay focus about the discussion? Did anything missing during meeting?Did meeting goes as effectively? To evaluate meeting, there are many criteria which help forevaluation effectiveness of meeting. It is necessary to evaluate meeting and take action forimprovement or make effective.1|Page
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