The Issues Relating to Procreation

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Meilaender’s readingsThe issues relating to procreation and that reproduction which are being begotten versus orcloning are quite controversial in religious as well as in scientific world. Procreation is identifiedas the bringing forth an offspring whereas, reproduction is depicted as the formation so producedfrom the parents[ CITATION Gil17 \l 1033 ].Again, Cloning resembles replication whichbecomes genetically identical to the organism which was originally used in the process. But,Meilaender views it from morality perspective and from the perspective of Christianity theimportance of child is a gift from God and so he does is opposed to the fact that, child is aproduct[ CITATION Gil97 \l 1033 ].Again, Meilaender believes that, procreation is a naturalphenomenon and have the divine influence on it, and highlights reproduction, rather assistedreproduction as unnatural, and based on the same thoughts, he argues that, a child can only bebegotten and can in no way be made, and furthermore symbolises the mating or the union of theparents, as the mutual love which then manifests the very fact that, the birth of the child is onlythrough giving love which created a life[ CITATION Gil97 \l 1033 ]. AsMeilaender definesprocreation, he condemns reproduction as such thing which cannot be included in procreation.Thus, he holds the belief that surrogacy or IVF or sperm or egg donation as the unnaturalmethods which as the collaborations from third parties and not naturally occurring out mutuallove of the parents[ CITATION Gil17 \l 1033 ]. According to me, I personally agree with theauthor, that child cannot be held as a product, since making human being as a product onlyimplies that, God incurred some mistakes.ReferencesGilbert Meilaender. (1997).BEGETTING AND CLONING.Retrieved from Meilaender. (2017).Meilaender on Marriage & Children.Retrieved from
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