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Roles and Responsibilities in Hospitality | Assignment

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Memo1MemoTo: ChairmanFrom: Compliance OfficersCC: Board of DirectorDate: 19th June 2017Re: Roles and responsibility for accomplishing for the hospital system.The following is the roles and responsibilities for accomplishing hospital system.1.The role of compliance officers, also known as a compliance manager, is to make sure that the company should conduct its business in full conformity with all laws which include both national and international and the regulations that relate to the particular industry, internal standards, and all the accepted business practices. DUTIESThe duty of compliance officers are as follows:To link the number of relevant authorities, laboratories, companies as per the description mention.To develop, initiate, maintain and revise the policies and procedures for the general operation of a compliance program as well as its related activities.
Memo2To develop and periodically reviews and updates Standards of Conduct to ensure continuing currency and its relevance in guiding the management and the employees.To consult with the corporate attorney that help them to resolve the problems related to compliance issues.To act as an independent review as well as the evaluation body by which to ensure that the compliance issues were being appropriately resolved.To provide the report on a regular basis so that it will keep in touch with the Corporate Compliance of the board as well as senior management for the operation and the progressof the efforts.To establish and provide direction of the compliance hotline.To ensure proper reporting of the violation that is authorized by the enforcement agencies.To work with the HR Department so that to develop an effective training program for the new employees in the organizations as well as the ongoing training for rest of the employees and the manager.Monitoring compliance program performance and relates it to a continuing basis that willtake an appropriate step to increase its efficiency.
Memo3Report to Board of DirectorAlthough the Compliance Officer is an independent officer so it has to report the Board of Director as it should report the structure that would be in compliance with the purpose of sentencing guidelines. A report made in 2010 in US where a panel which consists of representatives from the U.S. tell about that the compliance officer should report to the Board of Director and not directly to the General officer. At the same time, the conference of the DOJ Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer said that they should directly access the board of directors, suggesting that it should not directly report to the General compliance as it should directly report to the board.2.The history of Stark law suggests that it was in 1989 when the Stark Law I was enacted and it was effectively started in 1st January 1992. The fundamental purpose of this law was to ban the self-referral for the services of clinic laboratory. Also, the Stark law prohibits the entities for making a claim for the payment in the Medicare program for the clinical laboratory services which furnished the under that prohibits referral. After that in 1993 Stark Law II was enacted which is the expansion of Stark Law I and it was started in 1st January 1995. The main purpose of this was to extend the services of additional health care. Stark Law is a set of US federal laws which prohibited the physician self-referral, most importantly for the physician of the Medicare patient to an entity and provide designated health services (DHS) in case that the physician has a financial relationship with the entity.

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