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To:Wendy Threader, Program Coordinator, Business Administration
From:Pia Cervas, Student, Algonquin College
Date: February 13, 2020
As a student at the Business Administration program here at Algonquin College, reviewing the courses
for all the years and levels for this program and as a student, I was having thoughts about replacing one
of my existing class and add a new class. I would like to recommend to the following on substituting the
classIntroduction to Management Fundamentals and replace it to Accounting Concepts II.
About Introduction to Management Fundamentals
The Introduction to Management Fundamentals is about management teachings that involve planning,
leading, organizing, and controlling. The role of a manager and the skills and the techniques is required
in achieving organizational outcomes through managing people, money and time are also examined.
About Accounting Concept II
The Accounting Concepts II is introduced to explore the goals and methods of managerial accounting
and the role in business planning, control and decision making. It involves the ability to plan direct
control and evaluate and gather key accounting data. The topics covered by this class are product
planning, differential analysis and budgeting.
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