Mental Health and Bullying - Assignment

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Running head: MENTAL HEALTH AND BULLYINGMENTAL HEALTH AND BULLYINGName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1MENTAL HEALTH AND BULLYINGKey issue:Effects of bullying on mental healthIntroductionThe report discusses the social issue of bullying that iscommon in the social conditions in the present days. Thisreport goes on to further discuss the problems that a victimmay face due to the bulling that he may have endured duringtheir childhood days or at school where they were bullied bytheir peers or seniors.Bullying is considered to be a menace wherein people,especially students are abused by their peers. The act ofbullying is considered to be a violent act and may end upleading to more violent behaviour on the part of the bully asthe person grows up.Body of the presentationBullying refers to abusing a peer or junior on mental andphysical grounds.The results of bullying can prove dangerous to the health ofthe victims of the activities. The victims may be found to beunder the risk of facing the mental health issues like stress,lowered self-esteem, anxiety or depression (Juvonen andGraham 2014). The victim may also commit suicide or thinkin those lines after being bullied by their peers. Bullying maytake place over the cyberspace and not always in person.
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