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Running head: MENTAL HEALTH AND ILLNESS 1Mental health and illnessStudent’s nameProfessor’s nameInstitutional AffiliationDate
MENTALHEALTHANDILLNESS2Mental health and illnessRecovery from mental illness is portrayed as a personals journey of an individual. Thejourney requires not only the medication from the nurses but also individual's efforts in fightingagainst the horrors of mental illness (Drake & Whitley, 2014). Support from the community isalso essential as it affects the psychology of the sick person. Mental health can be defined as thewell-being of person’s way of thinking associated with his or her ability to maintain the dailyactivities (Halter, 2017). Other researched disorders are mood disorders and anxiety disorder.The disorders are caused by the biological, psychological and sociological factors. Some of thecauses which trigger illness include; lifestyle, chemical balance, genetics, attributes, lifeexperiences and personal stress (Townsend & Morgan, 2017). The essay covers the concept oflived experience on mental illness and examples from Sandy Jeff illustrations in the argumentabout mental health. Elaboration of the concept of recovery and outline of main ideas depictedfrom the framework of national recovery on mental health practices.Sandy Jeff used poetry as a way of expressing her lived experience with theschizophrenia. The concept of lived experience on mental illness is important today as itprovides valuable knowledge to medical professionals. Mental disorders incidences are on therise globally. The illness affects anyone regardless of ethnicity, gender, age and class (Rogers, &Pilgrim, 2014). Sandy Jeff was diagnosed with Schizophrenia at the age of 23 years .So, it wasabout 17 years suffering from psychotic disorder without nothing happening. No hope to get outof bed and no meaning of life.Discrimination and stigmatization from the society is the challenge experienced bymentally challenged people. For instance, they are abandoned by family members as well as
MENTALHEALTHANDILLNESS3most of their friend. As a result, they are left with nobody to talk to or to share with. This resultsin loneliness and later making them even more depressed (Perry & Pescosolido, 2015). SandyJeff was full of phantoms and spooks in her mind that further led her into the miasmic chaos thatpartially obscured her actual life. According to Sandy Jeff, mentally ill people will not employyou because you are mentally ill. They stigmatize you and you feel that stigma within thecommunity (Jeffs, 2002).Living with mental illness poses a number of challenges they faced daily livelihood.Sandy Jeff, mentioned in the ‘madwoman in this poem', personal hygiene, food, finance,isolation, addiction, rape, loneliness and lowered self-esteem are some of these challenges. Themadwoman lived alone she was isolated from her husband and children. She was lonely andoften missed her family as she kept waiting to receive a letter from her family members. Sinceshe never had anyone to support her, she opted to beg for money in the streets. She wastraumatized and involve herself in drug abuse. As a result, forced to drink beer from thediscarded bottles and also begs on the streets to get some money for buying cigarettes. Thefamily never responded while her troubles persisted even more. Eventually, she had nobody offerfood, therefore she had to scrounge the garbage bins to collect some (Jeffs, 2002).With respect to Sandy Jeff, isolation and loneliness will decrease the confidence of amentally challenged person. She claimed that most of her recovery was boosted by some of themembers in the society like her close friends. These people gave her a home, comfort andsupported her when she was struggling her recovery journey. She believed that creatingawareness will significantly help to dissolve the isolation feeling experienced by mentally sickindividuals (Jeff & Leggatt, 2014). During nursing care, family members and friends are
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