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4.4 Create onscreen help to assist the users of a computer program:NoFunction codePassedFalseUntestedNABTotaltestcase1The program isgood managingsystem?15421531192Is the programeasy to use?14231453223What do you thinkabout theprogram function?15521551214What do you thinkabout the UI ofthe application?15531551215What do you thinkabout the errorhandling of theapplication?1543155222SubTotal74201374238105
Over 69% of viewers provide positive feedback, but I have to check all the functions of the program to make itfriendlier. Means my application is lacking a lot, but also very positive and easy to use. There are still quite manybugs in my application, so I have to recheck all the functions and rebuild better. Or if you can add some newfunctions, it will be perfect.This here the menu ofthe SMS programWhen you input number2, system will show themenu of ManageLecturerAt here, show functions:1.Add new lecturer.2.View all lecturers.3.Search lecturer.4.Delete lecturer.5.Update lecturer.6.Back to mainmenu.
Choose 1,Add newstudent.Input informationstudent . You must entercorrect informationChoose 2, Displaylecturer.
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