Assignment Weather Control and Its Method

Added on - 18 Oct 2019

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Method of weather controlOne of the most effective methods of weather control is cloud seeding. It is a real way ofcontrolling the weather. There are various times when the process of cloud seeding has beenreplicated in the lab as well on field. The peer-reviewed scientific research has also backedthis method. The clouds are instigated for the process of precipitation and not the clouds aremagically gathered using the dark energies.In this method, the microscopic particles are sprayed like the silver iodide or the aluminiumoxide. This affects the development of the process of condensation by acting as an artificialice nucleus. They enable the ice crystals and something can be grown on them. For cloudseeding, the surrounding air needs to have some amount of water vapour otherwise theprocess does not happen.A super cooled system of cloud was developed out of the deep freezer in the lab inWashington. Thus was done to know that what are the effects of ice crystal on the talcumpowder to table salt to top soil. The cloud in this experiment was made out of the air that wasexhaled into the freezer. The water vapour turned into ice.This method helps in the increase of rainfall in the area where the rainfall is less. Even if theareas are dry, this process can be done if the air has some water. The water in the air is madeto come together and the ice crystals can be formed by seeding the atmosphere with thechemicals like silver oxide and dry ice. Thus rainfall is promoted and weather is controlled.
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