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QUALITYIntroductionFor health care institutions,accreditation and certification is an important process. Theorganizations like Joint Commission contribute greatly to overall quality of health care in thecountry. There are various other organizations who work to maintain the quality of health caresystem in country. These organizations monitor and evaluate health care organizations, creatingand reinforcing standards for patient care and safety.The objective of this paper is to discuss thethree organizations that are responsible to maintain and monitor the quality of health caredelivery in health care organizations. The three organizations selected for this study are JointCommission, World Health Organization and CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention).The paper would analyse the mission, purpose, duties and responsibilities and methods ofmonitoring quality as used by these organizations.AnalysisOne of the key focus of organizations in health care industry is to provide quality care tohealth care individuals.The eco-system of public health care is fairly large and diversified in ourcountry and an effective or efficient clientele network is the need of the hour (Koch,Galaskiewicz, & Pierson, 2015). There are various stakeholders involved in our clientelenetwork from suppliers, vendors, government bodies, customers, etc. (Touati, Denis Roberge &Brabant, 2015). The objective of Joint Commission is to ensure that the organizations that arepart of any network should adhere to the basic guidelines and policies as established by the JointCommission. It would be correct to say that Joint Commission is responsible to establish thepolicies and guidelines for different hospitals in the country. The Joint Commission achieve its
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