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Mexico Filled with Hurting but Fake News

Added on - 31 May 2021

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MEXICO FILLED WITH HURTING BUT FAKE NEWSBy (Name of student)Student’s CourseName of the InstructorInstitutional AffiliationThe City and StateThe Date
MEXICO FILLED WITH HURTING BUT FAKE NEWSDid anyone have the chance of listening to yesterdays’ broadcastings on media houses? RicardoAnaya, the Mexican president has agreed on striking a deal with the US president Donald Trump in theconstruction of the Rio Grande wall. Of Couse, everyone is informed of the US’s president initiative andplan of constructing a wall on Rio Grande to limit the flow of immigrants/ people moving to the US fromMexico. From the time of trump’s campaign to power, people have had very many unanswered questions,trying to imagine how trump’s reign in power would be. In fact, no one expected him to pass includingthe media houses. Referring to the opinion polls and percentage estimation, Clinton had prior advantage eto have made it to the white house. However, this turned to be otherwise (, this is not what is being conveyed, its Mexico filled with hurting but fake news. Yesterday,topics of discussion in many media houses encompassed the phenomenon of trump and Anaya, agreeingto build a wall between Mexico and the US. It is absolutely true that people are filled with hurt as toomuch resistance and demonstration had been put forth by the concerned parties. In fact, people wereawakened by the news broadcasting again (Eyrich Padman and Sweetser 2008, p.414)However, it has come to our notice that media houses did not have empirical report about this. Itsimply began by one janoulist who was writing on an imagination of how this would be. In fact, thejournalist was just trying to write about an imagination of what she expects to come or rather happen.Unfortunately, other journalists got this wrong by simply thinking that it was a real life phenomenon. OfCouse, this news went viral over the media houses as it is an issue of concern to almost everybody andthis reflects the kinds of feeling people had due to the imagined happening by a simple jonalist andvirtually happening over the media (Allcott and Gentzkow 2017, p.211)Masses showed massive disappointment and depression towards the Mexican president Anaya, inwhich case, he collected buckets of critics from his subjects and other advocates of cooperation betweenthe US and the Mexicans. The people’s expression showed that people are totally against this campaign
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