Strategic Marketing


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Data Science and Big Data
Strategic Marketing
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Market Audit
Market size and trend data
Competitors Analysis
Macro and micro market analyses
Customer analysis
Stakeholder analysis
Strategic marketing objectives
Table of Content
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Marketing is a process in which the organisation tells the targeted
audience about itself and the products and services which they have
for them. The organsiation forms various marketing strategies which
enable them to market their products among the customers very
well. The strategies are made up with a purpose that it delivers best
benefits to the organisation with minimum of costs
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It is a process in which the analyst examines or performs the study of
comprehensive marketing activities. Through that audit the current
activities or trends that are taking place with respect to marketing could
be known. The market audit for the company Tesco could be performing
Market size and trend data
Competitors Analysis
Macro and micro market analyses
Stakeholder analysis
Market Audit
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