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MGT302A – Strategic Business Management || Case Study

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Laureate International Universities


Strategic Management (MGT302A)


Added on  2020-02-24

MGT302A – Strategic Business Management || Case Study


Laureate International Universities


Strategic Management (MGT302A)

   Added on 2020-02-24

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Running head: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIONBusiness administrationName of the Student:Name of the University:Author note:
MGT302A – Strategic Business Management || Case Study_1
1BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIONQ1. Evaluation of competitive environmentThe strategic management process needs to be defined as the specific way of theorganization that is considered as the strategy. There is a need to make a continuous process inthe decision of the organization Lululemon that makes a decision on the implementation of theseveral selected strategies. There is a need to make a detailed plan on the implementation thatneeds to keep on the appraising the successful process through their regular assessment. The strategies that are based on the case of the Lululemon Athletica Inc of the Canadianorigin inspired by the Yoga inspired athletic apparel that is also the accessory manufacturercreated in 1998 (Strikwerda 2014). The strategies of the business needs to be viewed as aplanned process that requires involving the various techniques and the ideas that is solely forensuring the objectives of the business. The goal of this brand was based on the creation of theintegration capacity that has its mission and vision statements that is guided by this brand thathas been created upon the integration capacity that its vision that is for the hard working peoplethat includes the ethical lifestyle practices. The strategic market planning is considered as the necessary part that includes thedifferent sustainability market factors in order to make it alive for the business. There is a need toobserve the different countless examples of the various other organizations so that they cancontinue on the preservation of their successful business models. The core competencies of the Lululemon demonstrate the management of the intellectualsystem that has several capabilities that needs to be converted into the services. The products ofthe Lululemon need to be geared up so that it becomes active in pursuing a healthy lifestyle.There is a need to make the unique products so that there may be incorporation of the style that
MGT302A – Strategic Business Management || Case Study_2
2BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIONhas a technical quality and the functionality that may offer the best of the choices to itscustomers. There are various offers for the apparel lines of the women and the men. Thedistribution channel is categorized by the separation brand, Ivivva that needs to operate as aseparate entity with the other retail stores. Lululemon Athletica (source: Rubio, Mullor and Martín 2015)The competitive advantage is based on the special edge that makes the Lululemon to dealwith the several market and the environmental forces that is considered better than thecompetitors are. The sustainable advantage is that it is difficult to make the competitors imitate.This is regarded as the essential factor that needs evaluation of the acquisition and its effects.There is a need to deal with the issues such as the global positioning of the companies that hasthe corporate cultures and the resource allocation. There is a need to understand the advantages
MGT302A – Strategic Business Management || Case Study_3
3BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIONthat has been gained from the renowned Adidas- Reebok merger that will eventually be analysedon the factors of discovering the danger between the Reebok and the Adidas.
MGT302A – Strategic Business Management || Case Study_4

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