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MGT723 Research ProjectSemesterX 2XXXAssessment Task 2: Data CollectionStudent Name:Title:Submission Date:Acknowledgement:I certify that I have carefully reviewed the university’s academic misconduct policy. I understand thatthe source of ideas must be referenced and that quotation marks and a reference are required whendirectly quoting anyone else’s words.
Introduction: (Not assessed)What is your research problem?Literature Review – Summary (Not Assessed)Provide your summary (maximum 1 page) of the theoretical argument leading to the conceptualmodel with theoretical constructs clearly identified.Conceptual Model: (Not Assessed)Provide a diagram to show the relationships between the key theoretical constructs.Hypotheses: (Not assessed)Indicate your hypotheses – they will be assessed in your Assessment Task 1 for ACC620.Data Collection (Assessed)The main aim of the current research is to examine the relationship between the effectivenessof the Board and the Voluntary Disclosure of the carbon causing the climate change. For theanalysis purpose the secondary data has been collected for 60 firms in different countries indifferent industries. For selecting the data from the master file random sampling method wasused so that the sample is not biased and the results from the analysis can be generalized tothe entire population.Data processing and missing valuesOnce the final sample from the master data has been extracted, it was an important task toclean the data so that the robust results can be obtained. For the data processing the sampledata was extracted to the a new excel sheet. The data set contains huge amount ofinformation, so first only the required variables were retained and rest of the variables wereremoved from the final data. The variables which were retained include the voluntarydisclosure score (dependent variable), highest body making the decision for voluntarydisclosure (independent variable) and other control variable such as the name of the countryand the whether the disclosure has been made or not. After the variables were short listed themissing data part was addressed. There were missing data for the independent variable andthe missing data were coded as -99 so that it can be easily identified. Once the data has beencleaned the data was imported to SPSS for further analysis.Once the data was imported to SPSS the name of the variable was given as per the excelsheet. Similarly the scale of the variables was set accordingly. For example the disclosurescore is the continuous variable so the scale measure was set for this variable. For thecategorical variable it can be either the nominal variable or the ordinal variable. The only2|P a g e
difference between the ordinal and the nominal measure is that in case of the ordinal there isproper order for the category such as the age group or the income group. However on theother hand there is no particular order for the nominal variable. In this case there were noordinal variable, so all the categorical variable were set as the nominal. Once the datapreparation in SPSS was completed then further analysis was conducted and the results fromthe analysis are discussed in the next section.Data Analysis - Descriptive: (Assessed)The descriptive statistics provide the overview of the data collected for the analysis purpose.In this case the descriptive statistics has been shown only for the dependent variable. This isbecause the numerical descriptive statistics are only appropriate for the scale variables. Forcategorical the graphical representation is more suitable.Statistics2015 Disclosure scoreNValid60Missing0Mean90.38Median97.00Mode100Std. Deviation21.972Variance482.749Skewness-3.667Std. Error of Skewness.309Kurtosis13.026Std. Error of Kurtosis.608Minimum0Maximum100Percentiles2593.005097.007599.75Table1Descriptive statistics for the disclosure score of the firmsResults from the descriptive statistics for the disclosure score are shown in the table above.For the descriptive statistics various measures of the central tendencies has been shown. Thisincludes mean, mode, median, maximum and minimum value, kurtosis and skewness.The mean disclosure score is 90.38 with the standard deviation of 21.97. The standarddeviation shows the variation in the data set. If the standard deviation is high than it can besaid that the most of the data points are far from the series average value. On the other handlow standard deviation indicates high concentration of the values around the series mean. Inthis case the standard deviation is neither too high nor too low. Furthermore the results showthat the minimum score is 0 whereas the maximum score is 100. This indicates that there are3|P a g e
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