MGTP102 - Management Principles

Added on - Mar 2020

MGTP102 - This assignment is based on Management Principles, and we will go over some topics. - Impact of organizational structure on organizations, relationships between organizational structures, and public relations practitioner role. The paper also analytical and problem-solving skills to solve managerial problems.

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IntroductionAn organic organization structure is one in which the structure is highly flexible, withindividuals having little job specification. There are fewer layers of management than otherorganizations, as well as a highly decentralized mode of decision making. The level of directsupervision is low. For these reasons, the organization is well adapted to respond toenvironmental changes, both within and beyond the organization. For this reason, I agree that inthe rapidly changing business environment, it is only an organic organizational structure whichcan be effective in enabling an organization respond adequately to threats and opportunities thatsuch changes may portend.Impact of organizational structure on organizationsSteiger, J., Hammou, K., Galib, M., 2014. An Examination of the Influence ofOrganizational Structure Types and Management Levels on KnowledgeManagement Practices in Organizations. International Journal of Business andManagement, 9(6), 43-57.Organizations are greatly affected by the strategic decisions they make. Chief amongthese is the type of organizational structure that they choose. It determines efficiency, marketdevelopment and other important elements of success. Organizational structure also determinesthe type of culture which will take hold in the organization. If the organization promotes opencommunication and a low power distance between different levels of management, it will bereflected in an organic organizational structure. Knowledge sharing is also dependent onorganizational structure, whereby information is more easily shared across an organization withan organic structure.

Finally, in a rapidly changing environment, an organic organizational structure is the most effective form of management. It will provide an organization with a greater ability to adapt to change and remain versatile in the market, which is why it is thought to be better suited to today's business environment.

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