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Running head: MICROECONOMICS ASSIGNMENTMicroeconomics AssignmentName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
MICROECONOMICS ASSIGNMENT1Interview of the RespondentRespondent Name: Justin MantaRespondent’s Country of Origin: FranceRespondent ID No:Declaration on part of the interviewerHi. Let me introduce myself and my companion. We are conducting this interview as apart of our classroom course and our topic of exploration is the application of the economicconcept of demand elasticity of goods and services in the real scenario of consumer’s behavioralpatterns. For gathering the required information, we will be asking you several questionsregarding the differences in the expenditures and consumption patterns which you haveperceived to be present in France, your home country and in Canada, where you stay now. Tomaintain your confidentiality, this information and your opinions will only be used for academicresearch purpose and it will not be revealed to any other unrelated person. We would like towrite down your opinions only after you give us consent.Are you willing to participate?YesQ1. What are the difference in general in terms of cost of living in Canada and France?R1: Personally, I feel Canada is a better place to live in compared to that of France when you arecomparing both the terms of the prices of goods and services and cost of living of an averageindividual. I came to this country only a couple of years ago and I find Canada cheaper thanFrance, though you get almost all the things in Canada, which you used to get in France.
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