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Microscopy Report.

Added on -2019-09-23

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Microscopy ReportModern Biological Microscopy Techniques ReportYou should base your report on one or more journal articles or published review articles. Pick one of the titles listed below for your report or make up one of your own. Suggested Titles:-Fluorescence Microscopy applications to the study of subcellular structure-Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy of biological tissues-Scanning Electron Microscopy of biominerals-Electron Microscopy of subcellular structureFormat – Max. 5 pages, excluding references and title page / contentsUse the following outline format for your report. You may work together in groups,but your final submitted report MUST be unique to you. Abstract and Introduction (10 / 50 marks)Your report should include a 100-word abstract and start with a brief summary introducing the major principles of your chosen technique. Biological Application Commentary (28 / 50 marks)After introducing the technique, describe in more detail one or more particular example(s) of an application of the method in biological research. This will take the form of a brief commentary on a particular research example or journal article. Describe what the authors have shown using the technique.In writing your report, don’t go into too much experimental detail, but try to point out limitations or potential experimental difficulties. You will be awarded marks fortelling a coherent story, not on your knowledge of all the details. I DO NOT expect you to research the subject extensively. I have provided a few reference papers for you under Microscopy Resources, but I encourage you also to search the literature yourself.Note, that I expect you to write using correct grammar and spelling. You will need to include a brief list of references. See the marking criteria for a detailedexplanation of how marks will be awarded.

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