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Migration Problems | Issues Faced By UK | Assignment

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Added on  2020-02-12

Migration Problems | Issues Faced By UK | Assignment

   Added on 2020-02-12

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Literature Review(Sociology)
Migration Problems | Issues Faced By UK | Assignment_1
Here, the article issues faced by UK has been evaluated and thus it helps in identifyingthat migration is considered as one of the main critical problem which is being faced byimmigrants (Newson and et. al., 2016). From the book it can be reviews that immigrants arefacing serious issues in UK regarding social policy, criminology and thus identify main reasonsof such problems so that appropriate solution could be identified. Immigration is considered asthe social issue and thus it affects the society and economic condition of country. Therefore,government need to bring certain actions related to immigration acts and thus help immigrants inobtaining reasonable actions so that immigration issue could be avoided. Main migration wasfound in relation to political migration of refugees and thus accepts that individual need to beprotected as per the international human rights so that obligation could be carried out effectively.(Isaacsand et. al., 2014) identifies that immigration is considered as the social problem and thusresolve only through creating effective strategies and thus overcome political and economicimmigration. Due to migration it has been noticed that majority of the foreigners settle into thecountry and thus obtain the nationality which is affecting local people and also they are speakingsimilar languge it brings new hope to develop new society in future. While, political migration of refugees has been accepted that they need to identify thehuman rights before restricting anyone to migrate from one place to another. However, it hasbeen assessed that UK restricts migrants from other countries due to minimum incomerequirements and thus it affects the entry of people in the country (Benson, 2016). Such issueaffects individuals living and working within country even for several years. There are variouscases in which humans are affected due to lack of money in their bank account and thus they areforced to go to their native place and separated from their family. However, government if alsotaking certain steps in regard to prevent the families who are planning to permanent settlement inLondon instead of knowing the fact that they have been already settled. Issue of family migrationlies to the heart of social cause and thus migration is considered as the problem because in orderto prevent that government and society aims to actively carry out permanent settlement and thusresolve the issues faced by individuals. Thus, in the given chapter it analyses regarding the issueof migration and thus government undertaking strict actions in terms of overcoming suchmigration issue in UK (Padoch, 2016).This particular chapter analyses various aspects and ask several questions regardingsocial problems faced within UK. Thus, the questions asked in the selected chapter are crucial1
Migration Problems | Issues Faced By UK | Assignment_2
which is related to migration that affects individual as it leads them to separate from their familyand friends. Thus, question of family separation is very heart breaking and therefore, migrationauthorities and government officials are required to implement appropriate legislation related toimmigration and thus safeguard the individuals from migrating from one country to another.While, another question that is adopted is regarding developing rules and regulations for familymigration and creating unification and thus creates permanent migration (Geddes and Scholten,2016). However, the restrictions imposed by government in relation to family migration is alsoquestionable as government fixes a certain income requirements without which they would notbe entering into the country (Newson and et. al., 2016). Here, it analyses that reviewing thechapter it helps in answering the different issues being faced in UK such as migration. Therefore,it is considered as one of the effective issue because people visiting UK from different nationsare facing problems due to Immigration Acts and controls which does not allow people to visitcountry. Due to rising immigrants culture of the country swamps and thus Britain reasonablybecome comfortable with the people involved i.e. multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society.However, in early 1990's political migrants were demonised to asylum seeker and thusgovernment need to be introduce new legislation that helps in controlling migrants (Lutz, 2016).While, another migration is related to economic that particularly addresses new EUmember states and in Central Europe and thus helps in managing migration. Furthermore, itassesses that immigration has never been a popular cause and thus it drives unemployment andalso encouraged government to minimize such ill effects of immigration within country.However, country expected the political migration of refugees and form international humanrights obligations and carry out effective legislation so that best results could be attained(Burrell, 2016). It can be evaluated that social construction faces issues related to immigration problemwhich is being faced by country. Therefore, it is essential for them to undertake effectivearguments in order to control immigration and thus construct better solutions to this problem.Government undertakes serious measures in relation to apply the social problem at hand and thusimplements effective policies and actions so that changes could be implied in order to attain bestresults. Immigration problem needs to be identified and thus create proper social constructionwhich results into identifying that family migration is another concept that influences number ofprocesses which brings family members after first migration. Hence, they need to undertake2
Migration Problems | Issues Faced By UK | Assignment_3

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