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MILESTONE ONEa 2–3-page paper. Include all calculations in an Excel documentMODULE FOUR -DUE ON FRIDAY NOVEMBER 18, 2016The project is divided intothree milestones, which will be submitted at various pointsthroughout the course to scaffold learning and ensure quality final submissions. These milestoneswill be submitted inModules Four, Six, and Eight. Your final submission, the financialanalysis, will be submitted in Module Ten.Milestone One:Horizontal and Vertical Analysis:Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets, andDebt Financing in Module Four, you will submit both a horizontal and vertical analysis ofStarbucks’ accounts receivable, fixed assets, and debt financing. Use basic financial analysis toexamine any horizontal and any vertical changes in Starbucks’ accounts receivable, fixed assets,and debt financing balances over time. Be sure also to discuss how Starbucks’ methods foraccounting for receivables and evaluating uncollectible receivables, purchase of fixed assets, andmethods of debt financing impact the recording process and presentation of financial statements(Critical Element II). In other words, what are this company’s methods for accounting forreceivables and evaluating uncollectible receivables? What types of fixed assets areacquired, and what methods are preferred for debt financing? How do those affect howfinancial information is communicated?Your analysis should be in the form of a 2–3-pagepaper. Include all calculations in an Excel document. This milestone is graded with theMilestone One Rubric.PromptYou are an analyst for Coffee Connection, a coffee shop located in the Midwest. You have beenmarginally successful as a company. You are now tasked with analyzing the competition anddeveloping benchmarks for the purpose of both improving profitability and expandingoperations. You have identified Starbucks as your most similar competitor. Your job now is touse multiple tools to analyze Starbucks’ performance and offer well-researched observationsconcerning the success and challenges faced by Starbucks. You should include an Excelspreadsheet with all calculations.Specifically, the followingcritical elementsmust be addressed:I.Introduction:Provide a concise, professional introduction explaining the purpose ofyour analysis to your executive.II.Horizontal and Vertical Analysis:In this section, you will conduct horizontal andvertical analyses for the balance sheet and income statement accounts and report anysignificant observations for a two-year period. You should include a table of your
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