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Assignment on Mind Map for Customer Satisfaction

Added on - 21 Apr 2020

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Running head: MIND MAPMind Map[Name of Student][Name of University]
1MIND MAP1.Mind MapFigure 1: Mind Map developed for the customer satisfaction issuesidentified at Gulf Integration(Source: Created by Author)The above illustrated mind map demonstrating the current issue faced by GulfIntegration. From the developed mind chart, it has been identified that the customer satisfactionis the significant issue found in the organization. The recent trend of customer oriented servicesand products have hindered the growth and competitive advantage in the company. The innerlayer of mind map has been used for highlighting the issue with Gulf Integration. In addition tothat, the first layer of the mind map has been used to define the reason behind the customersatisfaction issue. Therefore, in the first layer, the factors impacting the customer satisfaction hasbeen identified. The mind map has highlighted four major factors impacting the customersatisfaction at Gulf Integration. From the mind map, the factors identified include dis-satisfactory
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