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MinesweeperEverything must be written in JavaFXGameboard 1. (15 pts) There should be a score area at the top that displays the time elapsed, number of bombs left, and a start button. The main area is a grid of cells. You can create just a single mode of 20x20 cells and 100 bombs (That’s 25% of the grid). 2. (5 pts) The game window is not resizeableGameplay Minesweeper is a game of logic. (If you haven’t played Minesweeper, then Google it up and play for a bit. It’ll be easy to understand.) Players use information about a given cell to determine which cells have bombs, and which do not. The player must clear all cells that do not have bombs in order to win the game. The game works as follows: 1. Player selects a cell (left mouse click) from the game board grid. a. (5 pts) If it is the first cell selected then the timer starts. b. (15 pts) The timer works properly and doesn’t interfere with gameplay c. (15 pts) If the cell does not contain a bomb, then it displays the number of neighbors (including diagonally) that contain a bomb. d. (15 pts) If no neighboring cells contain a bomb, then each neighboring cell is cleared as if they had each been selected by the user. e. (10 pts) If the cell contains a bomb the game is over. 2. (15 pts) A player may right click on a non-cleared cell to mark it. a. Cycle through the following markings in this order i. Bomb (mark with flag image) ii. Possible Bomb (mark with question image) iii. No marking b. Cells marked as bombs or possible bombs may not be selected (with left click) 3. (10 pts) Player continues to select cells until all cells are cleared that do not have bombs 4. Game over a. (15 pts) The timer is stopped when the game is over b. (20 pts) If player successfully clears board, then all bomb locations are revealed with an imageof a bomb in each cell with a green background.
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