Minimum Performance Standard Requirement.

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Minimum Performance StandardRequirement. To be eligible to pass thecourse, students must submit areasonable attempt of this assessmentitem, in addition to achieving aminimum of 50% in the sum of allmarks for all assessment tasks.Description:Students are required to write a 1500 wordreport on a management problem orpotential management problem theyidentify in the Case Study (Available onLearning@Griffith).There are a number of problems/potentialproblems within the case study, but a goodmanager is always looking for ways toimprove even a good business. He/she isalso looking for POTENTIAL problems thatmay threaten the business in the future anddeveloping ways to combat these threats. Inmany cases, the problem you will choose toresearch will be a potential problem, ratherthan a current one.In writing your Report, there is NO need fordetailed research about the particularorganisation in the case study. Rather, youshould focus on researching theMANAGEMENT PROBLEM you identify. Youare free to choose whatever management
related problem you like (do just ONEproblem). It may be one of strategy, poor fitbetween organisation and strategy,leadership, motivation, the link betweenmotivation and organisational performance,ethical dimensions of management,decision-making processes, managingchange, improving organisational culture, orany other research topic.In your report, you will need to brieflyexplain WHY you picked the researchproblem/topic you did.Draft assessment items submitted byemail or on Turnitin will not bereviewed.This assessment item is designed to enablestudents to develop their skills in thefollowing:Identifying, researching andunderstanding a chosen topicIdentifying and solving problemsReport writingStudents are assessed on their analytical,reflective and evaluative skills using theManagement Concepts Report Rubricavailable on the course website onLearning@Griffith. Guidance on thisassessment item will be provided in the

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