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MinuteClinicQuestion: For what products is MinuteClinic a substitute?Answer: MinuteClinic is associated with curing and giving medication for common diseases likeflu, common cold, fever, headache, etc. They offer healthcare services for those individuals/patients under their insurance scheme which other physicians and hospitals are failing to, and as a result, they are paying out of their pocket. They are substitutes for doctors’ offices, physicians that are located in retail stores. The other substitute is that the services provided by MultiClinic are much cheaper as compared to physician prices and all the costs are showed to the patients when you visit their office. They also substitute for the services as the quantity of physicians has decreased substantially. They are not limited to certain weekdays and extend their services to the weekend also. This has led MultiClinic to open their clinics in approximately 600 different locations. The other benefit of going to MultiClinic is they do not have appointment system that clearly addresses emergency situations without compromising patient’s health. Question: For what products is it a complement?Answer: Retail health clinics began showing up15 years ago. Today, there are about 2,000 clinics across the United States, located mostly in drugstores, supermarkets and other large retail chain settings in 600 different locations. They are staffed by Nurse Practitioners, physician assistants and accept most insurance.The major issue with MultiClinic is the lack of supervisor or physician to handle emergency situations. The staff appointed by MultiClinic is to provide medication for a common illness and hence lack the facilities to tackle emergency situations. Moreover, the medication provided by these clinics will vary to that of a physician as they are unaware of patient's medical history. This may lead to allergies and severe complications. So a proper cannel must be formed between MultiClinic and physicians to serve better for mankind asthey share a common goal.

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