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Database management system - Assignment

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Added on  2021-05-31

Database management system - Assignment

   Added on 2021-05-31

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MIS - 401: Database Management SystemAssignment on: SQL/MY SQLSubmitted To: Dr. M. Helal Uddin Ahmed Professor Department of Management Information Systems University Of Dhaka Submitted By: Shamima Iqbal 029-12-078 Section- B Batch- 12 Department of Management Information Systems University Of Dhaka1 | Page
Database management system -  Assignment_1
June 1, 2020Dr. M. Helal Uddin AhmedProfessorDepartment of MISUniversity of Dhaka Subject: Submission of the report titled as ‘Structured Query Language’Sir,With Due respect and honor submit the report prepared for the course “DatabaseManagement”. It reflects the concept of structured query language (SQL). I triedto accommodate as much information and relative issues as possible. I would liketo thank you for providing me with this opportunity. Sincerely yoursShamima IqbalID: 029-12-078BBA 12th Batch, Section: BDepartment of Management Information SystemsFaculty of Business StudiesUniversity of Dhaka2 | Page
Database management system -  Assignment_2
Executive summary:Now-a-days, almost all businesses, from small online stores to Multinationalcorporations use data to run their operations. They manage this data usingdatabases. Because of this, the demand for database administration experts hasexploded, and because of this demand, working as a database developer,particularly an SQL developer can be very lucrative. This report shows a briefsummary of the some of the concepts and techniques that we’ve learned from theW3schools MySQL tutorial and MySQL in the first few lectures given by ourcourse instructor. It is arranged in order by when the material is presented. It’s agood learning that we’ve done and what we will do in the next day. We’ve learneda basic tutorial from that web-based learning platform. We can develop our skillsin SQL/MySQL programming languages. It also contains several businessapplications and their optimum solution by using MySQL programming syntax.3 | Page
Database management system -  Assignment_3
What Is SQL:SQL is used to perform multiple functions in a database, such as running queries,updating and modifying records, creating views, and setting permissions. Manysignificant commands are used in SQL, such as select, alter database, drop table,drop index, update, delete, create table, create database, create index, insert into,alter table, etc. All Relational Database Management Systems (RDMS) such asMySQL, Sybase, MS Access, Informix, and SQL Server use SQL as their standardlanguage for databases.It can be used to accomplish almost everything that oneneeds to do with a database.What Is RDBMSRDBMS stands for Relational Database Management System. RDBMS is the basisfor SQL, and for all modern database systems like MS SQL Server, Oracle, IBMDB2, MySQL, and Microsoft Access. A Relational database management systemis a database management system that is based on the relational model.What is Table?The data in an RDBMS is stored in database objects which are called as tables.This table is basically a collection of related data entries and it consists ofnumerous columns and rows. Remember, a table is the most common and simplestform of data storage in a relational database. The following program is an exampleof a CUSTOMERS table IDNameAGEAddressSalary4 | Page
Database management system -  Assignment_4
1Shamima 22Dhaka50002Anik23Khulna200003Rafsan23Rajshahi100004Dia22Dhaka70005Arfana25Narayanganj120006Mahin26Cumilla80007Tasnim28Tangail25000What is a field? Every table is broken up into smaller entities called fields. The fields in theCUSTOMERS consist of ID, NAME, AGE, ADDRESS and SALARY. A field is acolumn in a table that is designed to maintain specific information about everyrecord in the table. What is a Record or a Row? A record is also called as a row of data is each individual entry that exists in atable. For example, there are 7 record in the above CUSTOMERS table. Followingis a single row of data or record in the CUSTOMERS table –1Shamima22Dhaka5000What is a column? A column is a vertical entity in a table that contains all information associatedwith a specific field in a table. For example, a column in the CUSTOMERS table isADDRESS, which represents location description and would be as shown below –ID12345 | Page
Database management system -  Assignment_5
567SQL SyntaxThe syntax of a language describes the language elements. SQL statements aresomewhat like simple English sentences. Keywords include SELECT, UPDATE,WHERE etc. SQL was designed to be entered on a console and results woulddisplay back to a screen. Today, SQL is mostly used by programmers who useSQL inside their language to build applications that access data in a database. Fourfundamental operations that apply to any database are: * Read the data -- SELECT* Insert new data -- INSERT * Update existing data -- UPDATE * Remove data --DELETEThe SQL Command General form:** SELECT column-names FROM table-name WHERE condition ORDER BY sort-order**Example:SELECT FirstName, LastName, City, Country FROM CustomerWHERE City = 'Dhaka' ORDER BY FirstName6 | Page
Database management system -  Assignment_6
*The SQL INSERT general formINSERT table-name (columnames) VALUES (column-values)ExampleINSERT CUSTOMER (Name, ContactName, Country,City)VALUES ('Randevo expo', 'Lina Sam', 'Bangladesh', Dhaka ')*The SQL UPDATE general form:UPDATE table-name SET column-name = columnvalue WHERE conditionExampleUPDATE Item SET Quantity = 3 WHERE Id = 30* The SQL DELETE general form:DELETE table-name WHERE conditionExampleDELETE ORDERWHERE ID = 387 | Page
Database management system -  Assignment_7
*SQL SELECT STATEMENT:The SELECT statement retrieves data from a database.The data is returned in atable-like structure called a result-set. SELECT is the most frequently used actionon a database.*The SQL general SELECT syntax is:SELECT column-names FROM table-name *Example:SELECT *FROM table-nameSQL SELECT Examples:Problem: List all customersSELECT * FROM CustomerResults: 91 recordsIDF. NAMEL.NAMECITYCOUNTRYPHONE1ShamimaIqbalAlabamaUSA018292TanzilaKhanLondonLondon720813TasnimZamanDhakaBangladesh246474MahinChowdhuryCumillaBangladesh832085ArfanaAlamCaliforniaUSA372906AnikHasanDhakaBangladesh447597RafsanAhmedRajshahiBangladesh087958 | Page
Database management system -  Assignment_8

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