Mission Support Contracting - Drone Technology

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Mission Support Contracting2Mission Support ContractingDrone technology is the latest innovation in the US that is used to minimize casualtiesand increase the damages or expected effects. Predator drones have been largely on the increasedue to their ability to use alternate strategies when in the field. One strategy that drones have istheir ability to carry out unmanned activities without human assistance. According to LT ColBruce Black they are manned from the control center thus allowing them to enter virtually anylocation that they want (RT Media,, 2017). They have the ability to man enemies from the skyand attacking on command, thus they remove enemy leadership through satellite technology thatallows easy striking of target location[ CITATION Nea10 \l 1033 ]. They can carry larger weaponsand reach the location earlier than the human workforce which increases their efficiency. Theyare used to carry out operations and leave immediately allowing the controller to monitor thesituation through infrared cameras.One other strategy is the ability to process commands from both the satellite and thecontrol station thus determining the best route to the destination which takes the shortest timepossible to reach the destination. They are designed differently for different purposes thusallowing the designer to modify their predator abilities based on the activity they are intended toe used for. For example, drones for carrying laser bombs are designed with laser cameras thatmake it easy to pinpoint the location of the target without allowing another person to know thelocation (KZO Media, 2017). The cameras allow calculating of the coordinates and at the sametime the range of the location thus increasing accuracy. Therefore, predator drones have betterabilities to execute commands with more accuracy than the human force since they allow the
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