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MKTG30010 Advertising and Promotions

Added on - 13 Nov 2020

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MKTG30010_2020_SM2Advertising and PromotionsStudent Number: 1003440Student Name: Regina YangTutorial: Wednesday 12pmTutor: Sarah SadiqAssignment Name:“Advertising is all around us, it is an unavoidable part of everyone’s life.Some people say that advertising is a positive part of our lives while others say it is anegative one. Discuss both views and include your own opinion. Give reasons for youranswer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.”
Advertising plays a crucial role in the promotion and advancement of any brand, product ofservice, and influences a consumer’s view of their image and style of life (Dudnikova, 2014).These advertisements are the paid communication tools or messages used increaseawareness, interest, and desire from target consumers (Sendian Creations, 2020). Thesecommunication tools can include adverts on television and radio, billboards, printedadvertisements or digital online advertisements on social media and search engines.Advertisements have both advantages and disadvantages in a consumer’s life, butultimately, advertising is unavoidable and should be used in a way to benefit the customer.This means many benefits for the consumer’s life. The exposure to these advertisementsincreases awareness, and hence consumers have more options to choose from (Pratap,2020). From the ads, they can infer what brands are offering and which brands can cater totheir needs better. For example, BMW sells cars that are at a premium price, whereasToyota sells cars for a lower price. The customer can decide which price point they aresuitable for based on seeing both the car companies’ advertisements, and therefore makepurchases that they won’t regret (Hobson, 1964).Not only that, having increased awareness about the different products and services thatare available contributes to saving time and higher convenience. Due to the technologiesand algorithms available today, advertisements are tailored towards a customer’s needsover the internet. A customer could search for a particular product, such as a necklace, andan advertisement that promotes a jewellery shop may start appearing on their social mediafeed. Although the products may not be the particular one a customer is after, it still closelymatches what they were looking for and saves them a lot of trouble from researching(Pratap, 2020). With the increased use of data and analytics, advertising makes life easier bydoing the research for their consumers.Finally, advertising increases access to new services (Pratap, 2020). For example, Netflix waspopular in the US, but hardly recognised worldwide. With the use of advertising, people allover the world stream and use its services and shares its popularity. Hence, advertising cancreate convenience and introduce new products and services that make life easier for theconsumer, contributing to their quality of life.However, advertising may also be in poor taste (YourArticle, 2020), becoming a negativepart of a consumer’s life. Advertisements such as those for smoking, alcohol and things thatneed to be of legal age to do may create an adverse effect on young children. Theseadvertisements are not appropriate for their age, and may be dangerous due to themthinking drinking at a young age is acceptable, or not fully understanding the detrimentssmoking brings. Advertisements can also create stereotypes that can negatively impact achild’s upbringing (Eisend, 2014).Not only that, advertising is a costly function (Amjed, 2020). Therefore, as expenses add up,the price of the product increases too. Therefore, the consumers end up paying for the extracost. Advertising is an economic waste because when it is not balanced, customers end uppaying more for goods that should not be as expensive (Amjed, 2020). This is a disadvantageas some consumer sectors only have limited disposable income and cannot afford productswith the added advertising expense.
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