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MLT 1215 Hematology & Coagulation.

Added on - 13 Sep 2019

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MLT 1215 Hematology & CoagulationResearch PaperObjectives:1.Write effectively using APA format.2.Research current information using peer reviewed journal articles.3.Apply clinical knowledge to real world settings.Directions:Using APA format, write a research paper discussing a hematologicaldisease of your choice. Topic choice must be approved by the instructorbefore beginning research. References must be trustworthy and reliable.Wikipedia is not an acceptable source. At least two journal articles arerequired. Journal articles must be obtained from a peer reviewed journalwith the last 5 years. It is highly recommended that the topic chosenincorporates new methods of diagnosis and/or treatment.Research paper structure:I.IntroductionII.Discussiona.Signs and Symptomsb.Pathophysiologyc.Diagnosisd.Prognosise.TreatmentIII.SummaryIV.ReferencesGrading:The research paper is worth a total of 100 points. The paper will be gradedbased on the following rubric:CategoryExcellent (1)Acceptable(0.5)Unacceptable(0)Content (35)Information isclearly discussedand easy to read.Use of languageis exceptionaland properlyused. All contentareas areaddressed aresufficientlyexplained.Information isclearly discussedand easy to read.Use of languageis adequate. Allcontent areas areaddressed areexplained.Information is notclearly discussedand not easy toread. Use oflanguage is poorand not properlyused. Not allcontent areas areaddressed.Grammar (5)No grammaticalerrorsFew grammaticalerrorsManygrammaticalerrorsAPA (5)Follows APAFew APA formatMany APA format
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