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Mobile Application Development.

Added on -2019-09-16

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Mobile Application DevelopmentCollege Mobile ApplicationMy mobile application project will be developed based on an existing technical college inDammam where I work for at the moment. The college offers multiple technical programsto high school graduates who will, upon graduation, end up with a high diploma and a jobin the oil and gas industry. Thus, my main audience or users will be high school students,current students of the college and graduates. I will be developing an Android mobile app. The application will mainly provideinformation about the different specializations offered by the college, admissionrequirements and a general idea about the college; founders, sponsors, mission, vision andvalues. The application will enable users to apply for enrollment, contact the college, and searchusing keywords. It will also enable current students to manage their profiles in the collegesystem. Graduates or former students of the college will be able to extract copies of theircertificates, transcripts, etc.In addition to diploma degrees, the college offers short courses to employees on the job inthe oil and gas field. Enrollment procedures are different than those of high schoolstudents, therefore, it will have a separate section in the app.There will also be sections for media. So, photo gallery and news sections will be includedwhere users can view photos and download the college newspaper (PDF files). The collegehas a presence on social media and I will use icons of social media sites with links to thecollege accounts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube).In general, sections of the application will include:About UsProgramsShort CoursesAccreditationAdmissionCareersGalleryNewsContact UsIT448-ASGN1130033053-11023Mohammed Al Abdulhadi

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