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Proposed Dissertation TitleTo determine use of mobile phone and social media to make world smaller or bigger.RationaleAs expansion of social media connectivity around the globe is magnificently increasing asit significantly increases process of information, updates and awareness. Main purpose as toselect this topic is to enhance knowledge related to topic. In addition with this, it also aidinvestigator to gain future prospective advancements in related to career field. Social media iseffectively mapping the world and offer opportunities to individuals as to communicate in amean time. Social media reduced the time limit with the help of which individuals canconnect with anyone. In addition with this, it has been seen that social media effectivelybring entertainment and amusements for each and every age, creed, colour and caste. Alongwith this, it has been determined that it offer opportunities to people as to gain more betteradvancement as they learn from different types of social media tools and make themselvesaware about significant updates that have been undertaken in all around the world. As withthe use of social media and mobile phone individual can significantly get update of everycorner in all around the world within few minutes. Thus, major purpose and motive toundertake is that it lead towards effectively increasing investigator knowledge prospectivealong with future career opportunities in related field.ObjectivesToanalyse social media's concept?
To identify the importance of social media?To determine different roles of social media?Literature reviewSocial media's concept:Itis termed asa way of sharing ideas, opinions with each other at global level as well as inthis people can connect with each other at any time. By use of it,individuals can effectivelyable to make communication with each other. Social media can be undertaken to makepromotion of products and services and foster growth. In addition with this, social mediaplatforms effectively facilitate sharing of thoughts, ideas and information’s as to build virtualnetwork and communities. Concept of social media is being further elaborates as an internetbases and offer users a quick electronic communication of content some of that involvesphotos, personal information, videos and documents. There are numerous forms of socialmedia platforms available with the help of which individuals can effectively able to interactand share their content. Thus, it has been that social media is basically termed as a websitesand applications that effectively allow individuals to share their content in a quick manner inreal-time. Wide range of platforms in social media effectively allows individuals to share theiropinions, photos, events in best effective manner. With the help of diverse range of socialmedia sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more creativity and innovation takes placewithin society that facilitates smooth and effective flow of communication.Role of social mediaItis considered as one of the most important tool in each and every sector especially inbusiness. As with the help of different types of platforms that are available on social mediaaid an organisation to attract large base of customers in mean time. In addition to this, it hasalso been ascertained that social media hold great importance as with the help of this,individuals can able effectively able to communicate. It has been further evaluated that socialmedia effectively offer great modes with the help of which social interactions is increased. It avaluable communication tool with the help of which sharing of ideas and information’sfacilitates in best effective manner. It is one of the easiest and most convenient methods.Along with this, with the increase in digital use of tools and techniques social media comes
out as a one of the most effective tool that effectively increase connectivity in all around theworld. Thus, as per the discussion this has been effectively defined that social media hold oneof the most important role that facilitate sharing of knowledge and communication.The socialmedia is being used by various kind of companies at global level as well as it is derived bycyber world in order to use by entities, companies and many more at very lower cost. In theaspect of today's era most of the population is using social media for get in touch with peopleat global level. Though , in this aspect it is important that both parties should have an effectiveway of communicating.Determine different roles of social mediaMain importanceof social media is to connect people. It is effectively designed as to connectpeople from all around the globe. While secondary role which is connected with social mediais that it allows individuals to share their ideas, products, services and opinions. Thus, it hasbeen effectively defined that there are different types of social media roles that aid individualsto gain advantages in best effective manner. Some of the certain roles that have been playedby social media include social media strategy, building audience, management of social mediabrand accounts, design and implement social media campaigns, monitor and respond to socialmedia engagement and more. Thus, it has been determined that social media play one of themost important roles as it effectively allows society growth. In addition with this it aid manybusiness organisations to growth their opportunities.As well as by help of social media, theycan get in touchwith customer and can further able to increase their overall set ofprofitability. In addition this, one of the most prominent role that is played by social media isthat it create awareness. Along with this it aid employers to effectively reach for large numberof potential job seekers. Thus it has been defined that social media aid individuals toeffectively interact with growth and take opportunities. It has been identified that social mediachannels are those who are developing and used by various companies globally. Thus, byundertaking social media advantages in all field can effectively lead an individual towardsgaining large number of growth opportunities in best effective manner.
MethodologyResearch methodology is considered as a specific process and a techniques with the help ofwhich individuals can effectively able to identify, select, process and further analyse theinformation which is related to present research topic. Within a research, researchmethodology effectively aid investigator to make a critical evaluation related to overallvalidity and reliability of research topics.Primary Research:This can be defined as a methodwhich is considered by an research methodology which isundertaken by researcher as to collect data in a direct form rather than just being of dependon previously collected data. Primary research is technically termed as an “own” data withthe assistance of which problems related to research can be effectively resolved. In additionwith this primary data is termed as a new research which is carried out by a researcher as toresolve specific issue and questions. There are different types of methods included inprimary research data such as surveys, interviews and questionnaire. Some of the primarysources of include eyewitness accounts, historical and legal documents, statistical data,results of experiments, art objectives, writing and audio recording and speeches. In additionwith this, it has been ascertained that primary research is designed as to effectively fulfilunique and specific needs. Along with this primary research is considered as a fundamentalresearch which is conducted by researcher as to effectively meet unique and specific needsof research. Some of the research methods which is included in primary research includesurveys, observations, focus groups and interviews and more. This form of data collectionmethod effectively aid researcher to conduct research in a feasible and appropriate mannerwith the help of which research can be conducted in effective manner. Thus, it has beenevaluated that primary research is termed an experiments, test, investigations which is
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