Model Description of the Trading Company

Added on - 15 Mar 2020

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PART-A1.Model Description:The trading company which sells vehicles of both new and used type maintainsinformation about its vehicles, its manufacturer and its sales details in a database. Avehicle is manufactured by a manufacturer who is uniquely identified with the help ofmanufacturer id. The details of the manufacturer like name, phone number and industryrank are preserved in the database. The manufacture holds many address each forparticular type. The vehicle in the motor company is identified with the help vehicle id.The chassis number of the vehicle is maintained in the database for reference purpose.The vehicles of the company are classified into new vehicles and used vehicles. For newvehicle manufacturer information, color, price and discount information are maintained inthe database. The facilities of the car are mentioned in extras. As the cars have multiplefacility the facilities information of the car are maintained in separate table. The price anddescription are maintained for used vehicles. Both client and sales person contactinformation like name and address are stored in the database. Each person is identifiedwith an id. The database maintains sale information of the vehicles. Each vehicle salesinformation like the client who bought the vehicle, price it was sold and commissioninformation is maintained. As the sale commission is shared among more than one salesperson the details of the salesperson who conceded the sales are maintained in thedatabase.2.Entity Relationship Diagram:3.Relational Data Modelperson(person_id, name, address)manufacturer(manu_id, manu_name, phone_num, industry_rank)manu_address(manu_id, type, address, foregin key(manu_id) referencesmanufacturer(manu_id))vehicle (vehicle_id, chassis_no)new_vehicle(vehicle_id, manu_id, colour, price, discount, engine_capacity, foreignkey vehicle_id references vehicle(vehicle_id))
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