Model Essay on Friendship and its Importance

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Running Head: FRIENDSHIP2Humans are social animals. From the primitive times they prefer the living in groups. This led tothe origin of tribes, colonies and societies. The gregarious nature of man served as a constructivesupport in hunting and for protecting their tribes. Since no man is self-sufficient on an individuallevel therefore he frequently requires someone to complement or supplement his strengths or toovercome his weakness. In other words, man needs society for his existence and welfare. Ingroups the work can be allocated as smaller tasks amongst members according to respectivestrengths. This task allocation is a strength multiplier which gives rewards. The existence ingroups is only possible in friendly way. It is hence friendship that makes the building block ofgroup bonding on larger level. While group is bigger block involving two or more person.Friendship is smaller group of two person. Friendship is characterized as relationship of commoncompanionship among individuals. It involves a feeling of concern, trust and respect.A friend is hence an associate who is known, and liked and one who can be trusted.Theoretically, friends can be found in animals also but friendship in general implies friendshipbetween two humans. Considering the level of bond associated, the friendship can exist atvarious levels from mere acquaintance to soul mate. The first can be acquaintances which arepeople we meet in our daily routine such as in school or locality or clubs or customers. These arebasic level of friendship where we know little details of person and mostly meet with smile.There is another category of friends which is friends for gains. There is yet another categorywhich should not be included as friendship but is sometimes erroneously done. This includes fairwhether friends i.e. friends only till good times. These are strictly speaking not friends as friendis one who is friend in need and friend in deed.[CITATION Ess \l 1033]Another level of friendship can be play pal (or work pal) where we know more about person andour bonds are little deeper. The third level of friendship can be as mentor (or student) where welove to handhold someone.The topmost category of friendship is soul mate where one friend understands another friend asback of one’s palm and he considers his soul mate as his very own self.The friends fulfill various needs which can be sharing of thoughts, supporting in game orendeavor, for relaxation and humor, for empathy, for encouragement, for fighting a commonenemy or for protecting (watching back) etc. No wonder an average person can have over 150+acquaintances. However, a person on average has close friends ranging between one to nine
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