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Modern Construction1A Research Paper on Modern Construction Project ByStudents NameName of the ProfessorInstitution AffiliationCity/ StateYear/ Month/ Day
Modern Construction2IntroductionThis research on the topic, productivity of construction project simply expounds on laborproductivity which is the unit of work produced per man- hour and low productivity in Modernconstruction is felt in case there is inefficient management of constructions available for construction andthat is why in order to obtain an income from any construction project, it is essential to have a goodcontrolling hand on the productivity factors that contribute in the integrated production structure like cashflow and labor. This topic entails subtopics such as;Achieving smarter, better and cheaperWhat is pre-construction effectivenessWhat is on-site construction effectivenessWhy peer benchmarks are criticalModern Construction ContractLifting pre-competitive innovationAchieving smarter, better and cheaperAdwera, P., 2006.Reaction of Federal Agencies to The Business Roundtables.Melbourne: Pearson.Adwera’s book states that in modern construction, the contractors come out with constructionswhich are smarter, better and cheaper. To achieve these during constructions, there are a number offactors to consider in order to acquire affordable houses such as using leverage land since land is one ofthe biggest drivers of cost during construction of houses, building houses incrementally is another factorwhereby there is setting up a basic house with a roof that can easily accept additions, whenever they canbe afforded by the inhabitants[CITATION Pet06 \p 147 \l 1033 ]. The contractors also use time-testedmethods to construct cheap houses and this idea was borrowed fromCaribbean.Pre-construction effectivenessBennett, L., 2007.The Management of Construction: A Project Life Cycle Approach.Bendigo: Thomson-Reauters.Burkitt, R., 2011.Modern Housing Techniques: Interim Report to [the] Minister for Housing andConstruction.Perth: Australian Government Publishing Service.
Modern Construction3Bennett states that the pre-construction involves the planning and designing phase of theconstruction and in this process, the contractor is involved and as a result of its involvement in this phaseof the project, several positive impacts are seen such as enhancement of constructability design andaccess to real-time pricing information[CITATION Law07 \p 189 \l 1033 ]. This phase also includes pre-construction services namely, administrativeassociated, cost related, schedule related and design related.Burkitt also states mentioned that the pre-construction effectiveness is realized when the contractor isinvolved in the business during the design phase which is a major benefit of this phase in modernconstruction projects. The impact of pre-construction in a modern construction is that it helps the projectto accomplish its standard goalkeeping a project on time and on budget thus minimizing difficult andunforeseen challenges[CITATION Ray11 \p 268 \l 1033 ].On-site effectivenessHira, A., 2014.Project Management: Techniques in Planning and Controlling.Brisbane: AdventureWorks Press.Majrouhi, J., 2011.Automated Management of Construction Projects.Perth: Simon & Schuster.Hira in his book seek to define the on-site effectiveness more so in modern construction projects.The on-site effectiveness is enhanced by smartphone, together with mobile computing technology whichprovides contractors or construction engineers with extraordinary opportunities assisting in improving theexisting processes of on-site construction management[CITATION Hir14 \p 217 \l 1033 ].Majrouhi in hisbook states that capitalizing on smartphone help in developing the effectiveness of on-site managementbut the system focuses on three important functions namely, real-time information sharing, taskmanagement, monitoring of the site and on-site management[CITATION Jav11 \p 187 \l 1033 ]Why peer benchmarks are critical
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