Frequency Distribution Analysis


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Module 3 - CaseFrequency DistributionsCase AssignmentBy submitting this assignment, you affirm that it contains all original work, and that you are familiar with Trident University’s Academic Integrity policy in the Trident Policy Handbook. You affirm that you have not engaged in direct duplication, copy/pasting, sharing assignments, collaboration with others, contract cheating and/or obtaining answersonline, paraphrasing, or submitting/facilitating the submission of prior work. Work found to be unoriginal and in violation of this policy is subject to consequences such as a failing grade on the assignment, a failing grade in the course, and/or elevated academic sanctions. You affirm that the assignment was completed individually, and all work presented is your own.Problems need to include all required steps and answer(s) for full credit. All answers need to be reduced to lowest terms where possible.Answer the following problems showing your work and explaining (or analyzing) your results.Submit your work in a typed Microsoft Word document.1.The final exam scores listed below are from one section of MATH 200. How many scores were within one standard deviation of the mean? How many scores were within two standard deviations of the mean?993486577385 919346 968879 6885892.The scores for math test #3 were normally distributed. If 15 students had a mean score of 74.8% and a standard deviation of 7.57, how many students scored above an 85%?3.If you know the standard deviation, how do you find the variance?4.To get the best deal on a stereo system, Louis called8 out of 20 appliance stores in his neighborhood and asked for the cost of a specific model. The prices he was quoted are listed below:$216$135$281$189$218$193$299$235Find the standard deviation.5.A company has 70 employees whose salaries are summarized in the frequency distribution below.SalaryNumber of Employees5,001–10,0008
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