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Module: CC6003 digital Crime investigation.

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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MODULE: CC6003 DIGITAL CRIME INVESTIGATIONtechnical report in about1500 wordsMS Doc file onlyThis technical report should be the culmination of good literature review workcarried out through using a wide mix of sources: lecture slides, textbooks,industrial standards and guidelines, research papers, and web resources.It should present the appropriate background on the topic area of interest. Itshould also present technical content in relative depth looking at all the issuesconcerned.The report needs an introduction at the beginning and aconclusion at the end. A list of resources referenced and a separatebibliography should be produced in the Harvard/IEEE reference format.The key texts indicated in the module specification, specialist journals, andvarious Web sites, such asComputer Forensics, Cybercrime and SteganographyResources(http://www.,Computer Crime Research Centre(,Uniting Forensic Computing Practitioners!(, andThe Metasploit Project Web site(http://, etc. provide a good guidance in terms of thereport content.The technical report is to be based on one of the topics listed below, Chooseone topic to write crime evolution, detection, and prevention2.real-time analytical techniques to detect security forensics and anti-forensics4.Metasploit and its applications in pentest and hiding and detection techniques6.techniques and tools for elimination of digital evidence7.the medium and techniques in information hiding8.steganography and steganalytical watermarking and media attacks against computer forensic tools11.covert channel analysis and data hiding in TCP/IP
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