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Module Code:Module Title:Module Leader:Weighting:Assessment title: Dissertation Project Proposal
Task 1 The proposal must include the following headingsHeadings in your proposal reportGuidance for Students MARK SCHEMEAn introduction. This should identify why the proposed project is important so that your award leader understands why you are choosing this project. There should be a clear connection between your Award and the project.You should write in the 3rd person. This section introduces your research question.Your project MUST be appropriate for your award2AimGive the aim of your project3ObjectivesAims and objectives are different things. If you read your lecture notes, you will know how to write the aim and the objectives5Ethical StatementYou must include an ethical statement and complete a sample ethical form. The sample Ethical form must be included as Appendix A to your reportResearch projects cannot be approved unless they meet ethical requirements. If you do not include a completed ethical form as appendix A you will receive aFAIL grade0 There are no marks for this element but this is a pass/fail element. An assignment that does not include an ethical statement and a copy of the ethical form will receive a maximum of 49 marks.

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