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A Complete Analysis of Cycle of Money

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1MONEY CYCLE IN SPORTSWhich part of The Money Cycle in sports do you think is the most influential onindividuals and society? Why? Use evidence from the textbook, course module content, andyour experiences to back up your argument.Answer: Money Cycle consists of five key components: talent of Athletics, ownership in team,networks of television, the public, and advertisers of the sports events. The advertisers and thenetworks of television is significantly influential on the society and the individuals. This isbecause both of these components are part of the media which is considered as an integralcomponent of the sport event. It is considered as a means for the continuous exposure andadvertising of the events of the sports. It helps to transform the athletes and players into thecelebrities and people start considering them as their role model (Gratton, et al., 2001) Next, how do you make the sports-related purchases that you make? Do your expendituresmatch what's happening at a larger level across the country? Think broadly. On p. 416, itstates that all revenues from the Big 4 Professional sports account for only 4.8% of totalrevenue generated by sports in the U.S. annually.Answer: The purchases for the sports products are made based on the interest in the particularsport event like Football or Volleyball. The items are purchased twice or thrice in a year. Otherpurchases we can make related to the sports are by participating in the sports, by appearing in theevent of a sports and by listening or watching to an event of the sports on internet, radio ortelevision. By incurring all these expenditures, it still won’t match with the larger levelthroughout the country (Cartor, et al., 2010). The significant leagues of sports are responsible forthe 4.8 % of aggregate revenue which are generated by the U.S. Sports annually. In U.S., thesports industry incurs more than $435 billion annually.
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