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Running head: BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONBusiness communicationName of the studentName of the universityAuthor note
1BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONIntroductionIn the current business scenario, maintaining the motivation level of the employees ishaving much importance for the business organizations. This is due to the reason that, the moremotivated will be the employees in their workplace, the more competitive advantages will begained by the organizations. Thus, it is important for the business organizations to initiatevarious measures to enhance the level of motivation of their employees. Initiation of effectivecommunication tools is one of the prime measures being taken by the business organizations toenhance the motivation level of the employees. This is due to the fact that, the more effective andefficient will be the communication tool, the more effective will be the connectivity and internalrelationship among the internal stakeholders. Thus, requirement and expectation will beeffectively communicated. Hence, for all these reasons, Boosting workplace motivation throughinnovative communication is being selected for further discussion.Article: 1This article is being chosen due its holistic view on the importance of the businesscommunication. It is being stated in this article that, initiation of the effective and innovativecommunication tools will help the business organizations to enhance the organizationalidentification of the employees (Maneerat, Hale & Singhal, 2005). This article is helpful due tothe fact that, two realistic organizations are being taken as example for the comparison and theadvantages of having the effective communication tools are being evaluated. Thus, this articlewill be helpful in writing the report regarding effectiveness of the communication in motivatingthe employees.
2BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONArticle: 2The key objective of this article is to discuss about the important of the businesscommunication in enhancing the organizational commit5ment of the employees. According tothis article, it is being stated that, the more effective will be the communication in theorganization, the more feedback can be generated from the employees. Thus, according to theauthors, if the employees can effectively provide their feedback, then they will feel moremotivated in their workplace, which in turn will enhance their organizational effectiveness(Walden, Jung & Westerman, 2017). Though this article have not stated about any specificcommunication tool, but the advantages that the business organizations will gain from having theeffective communication channel have been elaborated in this article.Article: 3This article discussed about the effectiveness of the social media in enhancing the level ofmotivation for the employees in their workplace. In this article, a study is being conducted in apublic sector enterprise in Rwanda regarding the use of the social media of the employees.Several responses are being gathered and it is being concluded that, using of social media by theemployees helps them to enhance their concentration and motivation in their workplace(Nduhura & Prieler, 2017). Thus, their effectiveness and productivity in the organization also getincreased. This article is being shortlisted due to the reason that, it portrays the benefits ofinvolving the use of social media in their workplace.Article: 4This article states about the impact of the effective communicational channels on theemployee performance and motivation. According to the authors of this article, it is important for
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