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MotivationThe process that it takes for a person to put in effort to achieve a goal is themotivation. In every task that we do, there is a goal for it which is often times ourmotivation which could base from a little. This is considered as general motivation,regarding within an organizational context it is quite different. How hard a person is trying isthe intensity of it which is often linked with motivation. This high intensity is only favorablein one’s job performance if it results in the organizations benefits. That’s why the effort andthe quality of the intensity is looked upon. Motivation can last until they achieve their goalsor not even long enough.Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs TheoryThis theory of motivation is by Abraham Maslow which is one of the most known andused theory to this day. It emphasizes that there are main five needs within every personwhich are put in this hierarchy of needs. These needs are:PhysiologicalThe basic physiological needs are those needs which any human being can notcertainly live without. It is quite simple these involve water, food, air, clothing,reproduction, and shelter.An example being of Samsung who provide their employees with electric cars orbicycles so they can travel to their business meetings or work in comfort and proper time.Samsung is trying to make their employees lives a lot more comfortable and providing themresources for them to do their absolute best accordingly.[ CITATION Suz19 \l 1033 ]Safety SecurityAs we go up the hierarchy, the needs become more complex and tougher to give.This involves having financial security, health insurance, health care and moving into a safeneighborhood. This also includes any security or safety from physical or emotional harm.Samsung offers its employees many safe and long-term security to their jobs.Employees are given insurance and free health care once the employee contract has passed
three months. Their main goal through doing this is to gain their employees long term trustin their company.Social BelongingnessThe need for emotional attachments come in social belongingness. Wanting to havefriends, a family or a group to belong to is required. This also includes having a significantother and intimate relations. To avoid problems such as depression, loneliness and anxiety itis important to feel loved and wanted by people.Samsung creates and sets up teams to do certain tasks as it is quite a large company.Teams are often changed up for every task which allows employees to interact with othersand have a social life even in their work place. Due to having so many employees working ata company you are due to find someone to feel a belongingness to.EsteemWhen all the needs on the bottom three levels are satisfied the esteem is affected.Esteem starts acting as a motivational aspect. It is important to gain respect andappreciation from other people. When a task is done, people tend to look for appreciationand want their efforts to be recognized. This also includes self-worth and self-esteem. Whentheir esteem is satisfied, they are able to front a more confident view on their abilities andself-worth. Those who lack these things often face inferiority.Samsung basically gives their employees the free will to go an extra step be able tohelp out the customers and make them happier. This leaves the employees feeling like theycontributing to the company in a fairly large way.[ CITATION Suz19 \l 1033 ]Self-ActualizationWhen all four of these needs are fulfilled, it gets hard to be motivated that is whenself-actualization comes in. We all want to be someone and want our name to beremembered even after we are gone. Basically, wanting to reach the full potential of ahuman being. At this point the motivation comes from becoming a perfect person andimproving thyself to get there through self-improvement and growth.Samsung actually lets its employees’ creative minds take over and have them focuson their creative intuitions 20% of their time and let them do what they are reallypassionate about which have resulted in products such as Bixby.[ CITATION Suz19 \l 1033 ]Maslow’s Model basically indicates that business serve the best when they arelooked inside from the stakeholder’s perspectives. Having the basic needs or the comfort forpeople to do their jobs but providing them with a little bit more can only help them and thebusiness. By understanding the physiological, safety security, social belongingness, esteemand self-actualization needed by the employees. You are easily able to make the company abetter place for them to work for and create better outputs for the business itself. Bymaking them feel like they are an important asset to the company and are well needed, itcreates trust and no fear of authority to let your imagination go wild.
Personally, I feel like Maslow’s model overall is very general but can often times belooked over in a business. Providing the basic needs of water and food to people is oneaspect but making their work office fit for them increases productivity and the employeestend to be happier due to such conditions. Being stuck in a small room for hours with fourwhite walls surrounding you can often times become depressing. Treating employees, thebest you can will only result in the company’s profit. Even though providing employees withbicycles or electric cars is not something most companies are able to afford but by doing sothey create a good work environment name for themselves which influences people to workthere for all the benefits which also motivates them to work harder. As for safety andsecurity, in many countries it is compulsory to provide with health insurance to employeesbut in some it is not even an idea brought into light. Being able to belong to a group is asocial basic need. No one can live without any social interaction either it be with your familyor friends. Humans get depressed when these requirements are not fulfilled. Having a workenvironment which enables employees to interact with each other through team works andinteractions is a must. It minimizes any defects regarding socialness. For people who aremore introverts and prefer to be alone should be given more alone projects and minimizegroup work but not fully. Praising employees and appreciating their efforts is so importantfor employees as it improves their self-esteem. And makes them feel appreciated for thework they are doing and will work even better on their later projects. Being able to work forwhat you are passionate about makes humans internally happy. This is why Samsung letstheir employees have freedom to work on what they are passionate about.Two Factor TheoryThis theory is by Fredrick Herzberg which emphasizes there being two main factorsfor motivation in an organizational context. This relates to the intrinsic factors giving jobsatisfaction and the extrinsic ones with job dissatisfaction. Challenging work givesemployees a rush and motivates them to put in more effort. If these intrinsic factors are notthere then the employee is left neutral with no negative or pleasing feelings which leavesthem feeling bland. The extrinsic factors which is also known as the hygiene motivationaltheory are the conditions that are compulsory such as a pay, physical work conditions, jobsecurity, and support. Even if these may not act as a motivational factor, if they are notpresent, they will most definitely act as a demotivator and be dissatisfactory. To motivatepeople through giving them challenging and interesting work is intrinsic motivation. It endsup satisfying the person needs and self-determination. However, this is only for the peoplewho value work and have passion for the task. For the ones who have low value of workhave low intrinsic motivation.Taking Samsung as an example which uses Herzberg’s two factor theory in theircompany to motivate employees. They pay close attention to the aspects which causesatisfaction and dissatisfaction to them. Their employees are motivated throughcommunication and giving them a say in the decision-making process. They hold forumsfrequently to figure out the thoughts of the staff on their pay raises. They do their best toprevent any dissatisfaction and focus more on the satisfactory aspect.[ CITATION Eur12 \l1033 ]
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