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Topic : Motivation to work and meaning of workINTRODUCTIONMotivation is refers to the energetic force that originate potential skills fromindividual in order to perform the particular task. Present topic is base on“Motivation towork and meaning of work”in the context of case study M&S. Here, the poster defined themeaning and importance of motivation to managers within the organisation culture which isfollowed by motivation theories and models.CONCEPT.Business culture is directly connected with the performance of employees which comesfrom motivation process. Managers should have responsible to developing the employeemotivation in order to get the quality of performance. Importance of Job motivation hasbeen explained by the Frederick Herzberg with the help of motivation theory Hygiene in159. through this theory he explained the importance of Motivation.Motivation-Hygiene TheoryHerzberg motivation theory is given by Fredrick Herzberg who studied about the variablesthat helps to achieving the set aims and objectives with the undesirable conditions to avoid. The twofactor theory of motivation divided into two measure components Hygiene factors & MotivationalFactors.Hygiene Factors:Hygiene factors are related to those measures which are not a intrinsic part of a job.But on the same side, the factors that affect the motivates of employees are working conditions,interpersonal relationship with subordinates and supervisors, salary, job security etc.Company Policies :Manager should need to make good company policies that fairly deals withemployees.Supervision :Manager needs to ensure that all employees are fairly supervised by the seniorauthority.Relationship :There should try to have fair and appropriate relationship within the workplace atM&S.McClelland's Need TheoryThis theory of motivation engage motivation and manage the productive management. That mustbe important for the manager a M&S. McGregor has specially described this model for managers that areapplied by the HR department. In order to maintained the motivation among employees at workplace.Theory X:X believes that employees or managers are autocratic which are generally very lazy, indifferentand always preferred to avoid things.Theory Y:Managers with having Y factor are oriented and based on the assumptions that they are selffocused, self-control and committed to their work.CONCLUSIONPoster has been concluded the significant value of motivation at workplace, that helps to discoverthe new environment in order to gain the business objectives and target opportunity. Study concluded aboutthe concept of motivation by supporting the motivational theories such as Two factor theory andMcClelland Gregor X & Y theory. However, the research concluded the necessary importance of motivationfor employee development. Also, study explained that manager of the company should have need toconsidered the motivational factors.Motivational Factors:Motivational factors causes employee to work together. Manager shouldunderstand the value of motivation.Achievement :Achievement gives proud feeling among employees. Manager can give rewards andappreciation to deserving employees.Growth :Manager should promoted productive employees within the organisation.REFERENCESBooks and JournalsAkkermans, J. and et.al., 2016. What about time? Examining chronological and subjective age andtheir relation to work motivation.Career Development International,21(4), pp.419-439.Herzberg, F., 2017.Motivation to work. Routledge.Kroeker-Hall, J., Cunningham, J. B. and Campbell, D. M., 2016. Older workers: Multigenerationalmotivation. InAcademy of Management Proceedings(Vol. 2016, No. 1, p. 15169). BriarcliffManor, NY 10510: Academy of Management.
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