Assignment on Renault Group

Added on - 26 Mar 2021

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Green Purchasing1MOUCHET ClémentStudent Number : 20200820clement.mouchet@rennes-sb.comGroupe KGreenPurchasingReport
Green Purchasing2Company Resume and Strategy :The Renault group is a French car manufacturer. It has been linked to the Japaneseconstructors Nissan since 1999 and Mitsubishi since 2017, through the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance which, in the first half of 2017, will be the world's leading carmanufacturer. The Renault group has factories and subsidiaries throughout the world.In 2013, Renault will be in first place among the lowest CO2 emissions in Europe. In 2017,however, tests carried out in Europe place Renault among the two manufacturers with thehighest emissions of nitrogen oxides dangerous to health.The Renault group has 3 major environmental challenges: the fight against globalwarming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the preservation of natural resources byoptimising their use and reusing them through recycling and health by reducing pollutingemissions as much as possible, in particular by trying to switch to electric cars.While the world has become aware of the scale of the environmental challenges, there isstill an urgent need for action. This is why the Renault group is deploying a proactiveenvironmental strategy, in conjunction with its stakeholders. The aim is to be at the heartof the action. The automotive sector must change its production and use methods. Adaily responsibility based on innovation, to prepare a better future.The Renault Group has set itself 3 leadership objectives: the electric vehicle, the circulareconomy and autonomous driverless vehicles. But also mainly the reduction of its carbonfootprint.For the group, the electric vehicle is considered to be the best global solution toenvironmental and sustainable mobility challenges for all. They are the leader in sales ofelectric vehicles in Europe, with the best price/autonomy offers.Then the choice of the circular economy is both an environmental and an economicchoice. It is one of the only models capable of controlling the consumption of rawmaterials and having a positive impact on resources, climate and air quality. The group isalso the leader in the circular economy in the automotive sector, but they want to go evenfurther in this area.Then as far as mobility services are concerned, Renault has already invested but wishesto reinforce its position in this domain. They are aiming for the leadership of autonomous
Green Purchasing3driverless vehicles. This could fluidify traffic, bring better road safety and reduceatmospheric pollution.Sustainibility Audit :We will now look at the execution of a sustainability audit of the company based on 8important points that we will detail.- Governance: in this section we will look at whether the company has the supportand infrastructure to develop a strong sustainability programme. The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi group has become one of the strongest groups in the automotive industry, soin terms of infrastructure this is not a problem. As far as support is concerned, the groupalready imposes a lot of rules on all its partners in terms of sustainable development, sothe group has considerable support.- The Social Impact of Workers: here we will look at how the company hasengaged employees and how it has ensured that they are treated well. The companydeploys a lot of initiatives around gender diversity, whether between men and women, forpeople with disabilities but also with cultural differences. In particular, they are part of anentrepreneurial approach that aims to promote access to mobility and integration into theworkplace. They also invest heavily in training and education for their employees toprepare them for the jobs of tomorrow.- Social Impact in Civic Engagement and Giving : The Group and its subsidiariescarry out numerous sponsorship activities throughout the world. In 2016, the Groupfinanced nearly 232 civic actions throughout the world. For example, the Group isinvolved in Morocco to fight against school drop-out or in Brazil with mini clio to learn todrive and raise awareness of road safety.- Environmental impact through waste reduction: Renault is already well involved inwaste reuse in this area as well. By using the circular economy they recycle everythingthey can in old vehicles to reuse it in new ones and thus greatly reduce their waste. Thecreation of 3 subsidiaries since 2008 helps recycling considerably. The first is Indra,
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