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MS-Project Practicals ChecklistStudent ID: ___________Student Name: _____________________________Check thestatusif you have completed the task. Give description where necessary. If you have taken anyscreenshots, place them below the table with a title. For example,Fig. 1 Network diagram.Practical-1ItemStatusDescription1 Project Informationi.Change the start dateChangedii.Change Title & AuthorChangediii.Enter HolidaysEnterediv.WBS enteredEnteredv.Set Project Title as 0 taskDonePractical-2ItemStatusDescription2 Adding Duration & relationshipsi.Durations enteredYesii.Predecessors enteredYesiii.Inserting lagsYesiv.What are the types of lags+ve lag: the duration by which successor is delayedthan predecessor is called lag-ve lag: also called lead[ CITATION Gup14 \l 1033 ]v.What do the differenttypes of relationshipsmean?FS: successor cannot start unless predecessorfinishesFF: successor cannot finish unless predecessorfinishesSS: successor cannot start unless predecessorstartsSF: successor cannot finish unless predecessorstartsvi.Milestones addedYesvii.Displaying Critical Path‘Develop the Business Case Study report’, ‘Developthe Project Charter document’, ‘Document allnecessary documents from client’, ‘Identify Scope’,‘Do risk assessment’, ‘Do Cost Planning’, ‘DevelopQuality Management document’, ‘Develop overallPMP’, ‘Design database system’, ‘Develop properlogics’, ‘Trial run the system’, ‘Trial run theprogram’, ‘Install and Implement the system’,‘Develop and submit user's manual for operation’,‘Handover the developed system’ and ‘Documentthe lessons learnt’viii.How many CP(s) in thisprojectOneix.What is the slack for non-critical tasks17 days
x.What does the CP suggestabout the sensitivity of thenetwork?Almost all the activity are in critical path, so theschedule is highly sensitivexi.Answered FS and TSFS (Free Slack): the duration by which thepredecessor can be delayed without delaying thesuccessor activityTS (Total Slack): the duration by which an activitycan be delayed without delaying the finalcompletion date or total duration of the project[ CITATION Kel07 \l 1033 ]xii.Screenshot of NetworkdiagramFig. 1 Network DiagramFig. 1 Network Diagram
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