International Strategies for HRM : Assignment

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MSc International HRMInternational Strategies for HRMAssessment - 100% CourseworkThe module is assessed by one pieces of coursework. These will be based on an investigation intoa contemporary issue in international human resource management.The research tends to fall into two different areas of International HRM. These are;Research into specific aspects of International HRM e.g. selection, rewards, managementdevelopmentResearch into aspects of diversity; corporate socials responsibility and ethical behaviourand IHRMThe assessment criteria for the final paper are slightly different, depending on whether you decideto work on an international HRM topic, or diversity; corporate socials responsibility and ethicalbehaviour and IHRM study. [See assessment criteria at the end of the guide.]To reflect these differences there are two marking schemes which are included in the moduleguideYou cannot carry out a study on your own country, so any research must be in another countrycontext.Selecting a research topic:We have listed below some of the general topics that could form the basis for a research study. It isimportant that you view these as the starting point for research and that in developing the researchquestion you expand on these to focus on some specific objectives.Indicative topics for investigation are as follows:Ethics and social responsibility for multi-national organisationsA research study on this subject could explore the role of HR professionals in influencing, informing,designing, monitoring and promoting social responsibility and ethical behaviour in organisations.Using case study material can you build a case for whether HR has a role of not in CSR?Cross-border mergers and acquisitions
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