My budget for the exhibition is 15 million pounds.

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My budget for the exhibition is 15 million pounds. The exhibition has 12 artworksand must be maintained for 3 years, market price:1.HKD2,240,0002HKD1,625,000104×106cm3HKD150,00044.7×34.2cm4HKD4,880,000132×40.5cm5HKD437,50066.2×67.5cm6RMB8,855,000127.5×55cm7 HKD4,240,00087×181cm8 RMB3,680,00030×21cm9. RMB288,000100×200cm10 RMB3,220,00011.RMB59,570,00012HKD8,260,000assume all this artworks are in mainland china and Hong Kong(depend on the currency). inthe first excel I need all cost to bring them to London. All cost that can trace to the individualartwork directly must be included this sheet. Firstly, convert all market into pounds. And addallimport export tax, VAT(pls do more research here)in England, DHL express etc.forframing, only artwork no. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 need framing.The size in provided please try toresearch for the price. And work out the total amount of all the artworks. Also insurance fortransportationmore information regarding what to include in each excel 1:The budget (capital provided by your benefactor) must cover the following costs,which should be computed and reported using Excel:Total market value of works of art;excel 1Associated expenses (e.g., insurance, shipping, framing, installation, taxes, customs,repairs, art consultant fees);excel 1For transportation costs,excel 1ItemPrice(originalcurrency)Price in,240,000
For the second excel it is all the indirect cost associate with the exhibition. You canpresent in the way you think is appropriate. The insurance in included in this section.Annual Maintenance Budget(including insurance, climate control, conservation, etc.)for the duration of three years.There are a café inside the hall. I need to hire 5 labors for the café and 3 staff for theexhibition. Other combination is also acceptable as long as reasonable. If money isnot enough just make it lessInsurance costs should be based on the following premium scalesexcel 20.25% of total value for a collection up to GBP 5,000,000;0.15% from GBP 5m to GBP 10m;0.1% or slightly lower in excess of this amount.’ This is assuming 2 dimensional artof conventional size.’Therefore, assuming 2D works:1.5m - premium GBP 2,500 Those figures assume static only cover (ie no transits)and are exclusive of insurance premium tax at 10%.’(10% of the insurance)Include all other cost you think is necessary in the period of three years
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